My latest suggestion for a champion.

Xia Liu, the Blade's Edge.

Cost: 3150 IP / 975 RP. Attributes: Melee, Stealth, Assassin, Stun, Silence, Life Steal.

Gender: Female. Weapons: Dual Wield Noxian Blades. Birthplace and Residence: Noxus

Passive - Noxian Edge

Xia Liu's basic spells apply give her a stack of 'Noxian Edge' (Max of 5). Her next Auto Attack against an enemy will consume all stacks to deal (10/20/30/40 [At Level 1/6/11/16]) bonus magic damage per stack.

Q - Paralyzing Strike

Range: 500                 Cooldown: 20/17/14/11/8      Cost: 30/40/50/60/70 Mana

Xia Liu dashes in a straight line, immobilising the first enemy hit for 1.5 seconds, and dealing (30/50/70/90/110) (+0.2 AD) Physical Damage to any other enemies hit.

W - Sleight of Hand

Cooldown: 15/14/13/12/11                                Cost: 35/45/55/65/75 Mana

Xia Liu gains a (15%/25%/35%/45%/55%) Attack and Movement Speed bonus for 1.5 seconds

E - Speedy Recovery

Cooldown: 20/18/16/14/12                       Cost: 5/8/11/14/17 Mana Per Second

(Toggle) Active: Xia Liu gains (10%/12%/14%/16%/20%) lifesteal and (15%/20%/25%/30%/35%) Attack speed.

R - Nocturnal Fury

Range: 750              Cooldown: 120/105/90            Cost: 150/135/120 Mana

Xia Liu blinks to a target location and delivers 3 strikes in quick succession, dealing (60/105/150) (+0.75 AD) Physical Damage each, the target of Xia Liu's fury is silenced for 1 second, and slowed (30%/40%/50%) for 1.5 seconds. Nocturnal Fury's Cooldown is refreshed if it killed an enemy champion.