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  • Narbulg

    It's pretty straightfoward if you read the title.

    With the Japanese Client in the works, voices for the Japanese client have come out, and holy crap are some of them legendary. Favourite by far is Shyvana's, though I do love Teemo = Chopper voice and the Shen voice(though partly it's because of the "Shinderu" line). Fav/not so favs, discuss below.


    Not sure where the Yasuo, Jinx and Ahri ones are. May be on another channel

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  • Narbulg

    Tl;dr: Considering the new Lore overhauls Riot is beginning to be doing, which champions and areas do you believe need to be re-evaluated.

    Sup guys, like, 3rd blog thing by me. Dunno why I'm even doing this, but anyway better get to it. I'm one of those guys who quite likes the LoL lore and the champions that are part of the 'big story', seeing as character makes the first immpression when I look at a champion (Though it's really an excuse for me to be unbiased towards Noxians and though I wanna get Riven soooooooooooo bad). Anyway, I've been thinking about what other lores and stories Rito might tweak in order to give characters a little bit more depth and try to revisit some places that we don't hear about.

    First up, the Shadow Isles. The …

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  • Narbulg

    TL; DR Viktors getting his passive redone, or something like that, and I have come up with a few ideas to make him even more completely broken and op... HOORAY.


    Quite a while ago, Riot accidentally added second tier augments that buffed the first upgarde as well as added additional effects to the storm to the PBE. The item wasn't available, but it was a small insight into how they were thinking of creating second tier augments a year and a half ago.

    A lot people have different views on what good and what bad are about Viktors item passive, and a fair number of players are thinking about giving Viktor the Rengar treatment, and I don't mean periodically n…

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  • Narbulg

    If you're lazy and you don't feel like reading: I tried Nautilus solo-top and I liked it. I've got some insights into it and I might try adding stuff as I practise it more and more. Also, I really like Peter Crowley.

    Sup mah homies gees. Sorry guys, but this is gonna be really, really long. I got picked into a group of guys who said they were gonna troll ( 3 of these b*****ds) and so I thought I might do some trolling myself. I had toplane so I picked random and got Nautilus.

    I've been playing Nautilus for a while and I have the basics on his abilities down. Passive = You will hit like a truck every 12 seconds which can help you last hit effectively and you can get 1 more basic attack in, Q = 1 basic attack and flashy escape mechanism, W = A…

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  • Narbulg

    If you're lazy and don't feel like reading: Should there be a jungle tier for champs who can push lanes and backdoor like nothing else. Champs like Yi , Jax , Trundle , Fiora , Xin Zhao , Udyr , Rengar, Tryndamere ...

    Sup mah homie gees, and this be my second blog on this wiki. I'd like to talk about junglers who can get rid of enemy structures easier than they can get rid of enemy champions.

    I bet 5 dollars that somebody is already thinking about our dear old samurai, Master Yi. I'm here to talk about champs like him but are also suited to jungling. This idea came into my head when I decided to jungle Fiora. One of my friends I was premade with at the time said I'd lose us the game (because Fiora sucks)(Actually, she's not too bad, she's j…

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