If you're lazy and don't feel like reading: Should there be a jungle tier for champs who can push lanes and backdoor like nothing else. Champs like Yi , Jax , Trundle , Fiora , Xin Zhao , Udyr , Rengar, Tryndamere ...

Sup mah homie gees, and this be my second blog on this wiki. I'd like to talk about junglers who can get rid of enemy structures easier than they can get rid of enemy champions.

I bet 5 dollars that somebody is already thinking about our dear old samurai, Master Yi. I'm here to talk about champs like him but are also suited to jungling. This idea came into my head when I decided to jungle Fiora. One of my friends I was premade with at the time said I'd lose us the game (because Fiora sucks)(Actually, she's not too bad, she's just a silly champ with no CC but tonnes of damage, just like Master Yi.) because Fiora jungle is bad jungle. After about 15 minutes into game, I was something around 2/4/4, so I was doing below average, and the enemy we're starting to beat my team in teamfights.

So then I started looking at their towers. After taking out 2 turrets in quick succession, they started realise I was trying to backdoor, but they only sent one person to take me out. As most people know, Fioras damage in a 1 v 1 is retarded even if she's a little bit behind and I deleted the opponent sent to face me, and take their 3rd turret. Enemy top lanes gone, so now the enemy was stuck around top worrying about their inhibitor. So my team starts to farm up with thier new advantage as the enemy are playing a lot more cautious in case of another backdoor attempt. I go bot and finish off the second turret and leave. In about 6 mins, I single handedly managed to regain objective control (I Think that's what it's called). Eventually, a teamfight was about to break out in mid, so I ditched and headed bot again. Once the enemy saw me bot again, they started a retreat, and the my team made it their one job to make sure no one recalled. With the pushing power of a melee ADC and the co-ordination of my team, we won.

It got me thinking, why not make a list of junglers who just keep split-pushing. Master Yi would obviously be in the god tier, because Master Yi is probably the most infamous backdoorer in the game. Who else do you think should be part of the jungle-turret-deletion-backdoor-squad? I've seen Xin Zhao literally gank, get a kill and then break the turret and all he had was spirit stone and sheen. I've seen Tryndameres break a tower while in the midst of a 1 v 5 and escape alive.

Anyone else got any ideas for turret destroying junglers?