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  • NaruHina00

    Xzarghar began his life as an insect mindlessly flying and feasting in the Plague Jungles. Some time after the Rune Wars a powerful monkey warrior had risen in the hierarchy of the jungle. Xzarghar instinctively knew that the monkey king's blood would make for a good meal. He waited patiently until he fell asleep after a long battle and began to drink the monkey's enchanted blood. This led to Xzarghar gaining the properties of the money's enchantment. A new hunger for power arose in the rapidly growing parasite.

    Xzarghar traveled far across Valoran until finally reaching the Howling Marsh where upon absorbing the decomposed essence of the dead bodies surrounding the marsh. Xzarghar quickly grew more powerful, yet still wasting away, never …

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  • NaruHina00

    |date = (April) (22), (2013) |health = 65 |attack = 90 |spells = 70 |difficulty = 90 |hp = 445 (+76) |mana = 223 (+49) |damage = 58 (3.1) |range = 180/265/350/435/520 |armor = 13 (+2.1) |magicresist = 16 (+2.9) |attackspeed = .70 (3.9%) |healthregen = 6.5 (2.25) |manaregen = 5.0 (1.3) |speed = 335


    Xzarghar, the Toxic Behemoth is a champion in League of Legends.

    Xzarghar rends at the area in front him damaging and applying 2 stacks of Diseased Flesh to all enemies within.

    |leveling = |cooldown = |cost = |costtype = mana |range = 950 wide }}

    Increases Xzarghar's attack range.

    |description2 = Xharghar tunnels to target location knocking up enemies along his path and knoc…

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