Xzarghar began his life as an insect mindlessly flying and feasting in the Plague Jungles. Some time after the Rune Wars a powerful monkey warrior had risen in the hierarchy of the jungle. Xzarghar instinctively knew that the monkey king's blood would make for a good meal. He waited patiently until he fell asleep after a long battle and began to drink the monkey's enchanted blood. This led to Xzarghar gaining the properties of the money's enchantment. A new hunger for power arose in the rapidly growing parasite.

Xzarghar traveled far across Valoran until finally reaching the Howling Marsh where upon absorbing the decomposed essence of the dead bodies surrounding the marsh. Xzarghar quickly grew more powerful, yet still wasting away, never truly able to sate his hunger. And so his travels still went on.

Closing nearer and nearer to the Institute of War the insect found a seemingly endless supply of powerful beings to feast from, including the monkey from the Plague Jungles. After one particularly slimy specimen, the sentient chemicals in his body forced Xzarghar to complete its transformation with long powerful limbs, large compound eyes and toxin secreting skin. Xzarghar then knew once and for all that his hunger was sated, but still more power was desired and what better place to test this new form, than the League of Legends.

“Great, another giant bug.."
Moakai, the Twisted Treant