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  • Nazareadain

    Clearly the new akali

    September 20, 2016 by Nazareadain

    Readjusted the passive. More ability synergetic, but still promotes hybridization.

    Q is untouched. due to passive readjustment, and new R passive, it ends up being more useful later, and less boring, though the ability itself hasn't changed.

    W works like gragas barrels, but targetable by abilities. allows her to dash to them, in exchange for smaller radius unless they've charged.

    R is shorter and has a new marking system. This is to promote more detailed play instead of just spamming - burst potential still remains, despite how ridiculously low it looks. while increasing peak performance and fun, when you're dashing repeatedly between multiple targets, and returning marks for more dashes. And you might be wondering why I'm mentioning this bef…

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  • Nazareadain

    Well. Went from being a support juggernaut to a support control skirmisher that plays like riven with a kit that looks like a 'best of' from other champions, taking the funnest parts. High outplay potential, with aggressive scalings to promote living on the edge. still borderline useless alone, and cannot really instigate fights, but counter potential should be tight. Using base AD for everything may seem overkill, but it seems better to soften her power curve considering the extreme feast or famine potential. Still in the process is stripping her down via design by subtraction, which means the kitchen sink is finally out, at least. I know it'll be seen as too much, so might as well ask what you'd rather see go.

    Twinblade wielding Guardian …

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