• Necromoni

    Probe, The Laser Sentry

    December 1, 2012 by Necromoni

    Probe's appearance is that of a hovering metallic orb, consisting of a faint blue mechanical aura, and a laser situated on the tip of the top of its body. The laser only rotates when attacking or when probe uses Q. The drones look almost like probe except they have mechanical arms, unless they are being used in Probe's ultimate where they look exactly like probe.

    Probe is meant to be played as an AD Carry, while being able to take the role of an AD support, but not a tier 1 support.

    Probe was invented by the league to provide champions an extremely challenging battle training, although it is a training tool, summoners found a loop in the champion selection and often chose it to battle in the fields of justice. Influenced by many wise and greā€¦

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