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  • Necrorider

    |date =

    |health = |attack = |spells = |difficulty =

    |hp = |mana = |damage = |range = |armor = |magicresist = |attackspeed = |healthregen = |manaregen = |speed = }}Issen, the Curor Swordsman is a custom champion in League of Legends.

    Issen sheaths his blade, slowing his movement speed by 10%. When the ability is activated again, Issen unleases a deadly slash to all enemies around him, dealing damage.

    If Issen has at least 5 stacks of Claret's Enchantment, he will expend the 5 stacks and get 10% increased movement speed after unleashing his blade. |leveling = |cooldown= |AoE = 250 |cost=None or 5 stacks of Claret's Enchantment |costtype=Claret Stacks }}

    Issen's blade marks a target…
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  • Necrorider

    |date =

    |health = |attack = |spells = |difficulty =

    |hp = |mana = |damage = |range = |armor = |magicresist = |attackspeed = |healthregen = |manaregen = |speed = }}Norte, The Chill Wind of Freljord is a custom champion in League of Legends.

    % for 3 seconds. }}

    Norte does damage to an enemy champion, draining a percentage of movement speed for himself for 4 seconds. Norte may then transfer half of this bonus to a target ally champion for 2 seconds. (He loses the amount of movement speed he transfers)

    |leveling =

    |cooldown= |cost= |costtype=mana }}

    Norte releases soothing winds from his form at a rate of one wind per second, healing all allies nearby. Healing is divided evenly among amo…
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