There are over 120+ champions in the League. Now, just as the title says, who is your best pick and/or favorite champion?

If you're going to answer, I don't want you to simply write a single name. You must explain as to why you chose this Champion as your favorite. What role do you usually play him/her as? Do you enjoy playing him/her? How proficient are you in using this champion? All those kinds of questions. You can add more as to how much you prefer if you can answer them all. 

Also, let's not forget our tactics and strategies, shall we? Explain tactics you have used in gameplay and how you executed them to counter against your opponents. How you perform during a clash; what do you do when your team is almost on the end point of losing; why did you prefer using this tactic when there could probably be a better idea in handling this situation. This part of the explanation has to be long and understandable.

Item build is optional, so it's entirely up to you.

You can add a few details I have missed if you want, to further lengthen your explanation.

Normally, this would be part where I tell you who is my best pick/fav champion and explain why but I'm not really in the mood to write more.

I await in seeing your replies.

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