Following the recent lore up-date including Frelijord there have been a lot of speculations about what the next lore will bring to the scene of Valoran

Most of the people are talking about an expansion of the lore around the Void and its champions while others are hoping to see how Piltover and Zaun fight each other for the supremacy of technology.

In my personal view I would love to see how the story about the ocean grows including the facts below:

  • We know that NamiSquare Nami's people are using the "moon stone" to keep the "horrors of the deep" away.
  • There are many people, including me, who think that DianaSquare Diana is the chosen of the moon who's supposed to bring the moon stone to Nami, the problem is that being born into the Solari tribe she doesn't know her destiny herself.
  • Until the problem will be solved there is no moon stone which means no barrier against the horrors of the deep.
  • FizzSquare Fizz's people have all vanished while he was away.
  • We know that something evil pulled Nautilus into the darkness of the depths.

I don't know about you guys but I see a connection here. Maybe someday in the future they will release a champion based on "the horrors of the deep" and the new lore will be brought to us, I sure hope that's the case.