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  • NeonSpotlight

    So today marks 6 years that I have been an editor here on the League Wiki and while I may not have been very active this year I figured why not do an AMA anyway, just as something to do, since the last one I did was pretty fun.

    I was going to put a paragraph here about myself and give a little context on why I want to do this ama but meh, it basically boiled down to what I wrote last time. The wiki community has always been my favorite thing about this place, for better or worse, and I'm hoping this little blog can help spark some interaction between us.

    So, without further adieu, ask me anything

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  • NeonSpotlight

    So, for April 1st I made a couple of bearded champion squares (as can be seen here: http://imgur.com/a/GVE3y), unfortunately when I tried uploading them Wikia had some caching issues (like it always does) and they didn't show up.

    Instead of committing Sodoku for bringing dishonor to my wiki family I want to hear your ideas for next year's prank or to just regale me with stories of pranks you were a part of, be it as prankster or prank-ee, this year so that I may potentially stea- err, "borrow", your ideas and hopefully be more successful next year.

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  • NeonSpotlight

    How do I...?

    December 22, 2014 by NeonSpotlight

    This blog will be about editing specific sections/pages, for basic wiki help (like how do I make a link or use those little champion icons) please use my editing cheat sheet.

    This guide assumes that you're using source mode editing as it is the most reliable, consistent and hands-on editing mode. To select this method visit Special:Preferences and under the editing tab select "Source Editor" in the Preferred Editor dropdown.

    Many examples I will provide use the wiki's revision comparison tool, it may look scary at first but all it does is highlight the changes made between edits. If you have any questions or suggestions please leave a comment below or contact me on my message wall.

    A fellow editor User:Mineko_Charat_Lucky has made a very str…

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  • NeonSpotlight

    Stepping down

    April 6, 2014 by NeonSpotlight

    Hello, as many of you know I am NeonSpotlight, a Bureaucrat and Admin on the wiki and also the oldest (account age-wise) editor that is still active. For the last year or so the actual amount that I edit has been dwindling down to nowadays I don't even edit during patch time, something that used to be something I'd look forward to. This blog's purpose is for me to tell everyone that I am stepping down as 'crat/admin all the way down to being a regular user (with rollback).

    In short I've lost the passion that I once had. Years of dealing with drama, politics and basically constantly having to act a certain way "because I'm a 'crat" or having other people act differently around me because of my rights has taken its toll to the point some da…

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  • NeonSpotlight

    As the title suggests my name is NeonSpotlight and in the comment section of this blog you can ask me (just about) anything, anything that you, the community, want to know about me or just want me to discuss.

    A little preface for this blog: I've been an admin on this wiki for about 3 years now and most of the people who I have become close friends with on the wiki have moved on and I feel like I haven't really synced well on a personal level with this generation of editors. I don't think many people know me, they know who I am but they don't really know who I am, y'know. Also, there's just been a big lull in our community for a while now and I'm hoping to bring some of the togetherness, familiarity and fun back through things like this.

    So, …

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