With the recent promotion of TehAnonymous, the possible return of Ajraddatz and a bunch of other stuff I have done lately I feel that the wiki is secure enough that I can become somewhat inactive. There's been some personal stuff going on that has gotten me somewhat emotional and, as some people may have noticed, has translated into the way I conduct myself on the wiki. I've been lashing out at some users who really don't deserve it, the best examples of this can be found in the recently made blog regarding where comments went. I look back and truly do feel sorry for what I've said and how I've acted and don't ask for forgiveness but only understanding.

I will still check on the most important things on a daily basis (high priority logs/my talk page) but that's about as far as I'll go. When I feel as though I can conduct myself again in a professional, consistent manner I will come back at full capacity, better than I've been the last couple of months, and will get the ball rolling on improving the wiki starting at the foundation and working up.