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I am NeonSpotlight, ask me anything :3

As the title suggests my name is NeonSpotlight and in the comment section of this blog you can ask me (just about) anything, anything that you, the community, want to know about me or just want me to discuss.

A little preface for this blog: I've been an admin on this wiki for about 3 years now and most of the people who I have become close friends with on the wiki have moved on and I feel like I haven't really synced well on a personal level with this generation of editors. I don't think many people know me, they know who I am but they don't really know who I am, y'know. Also, there's just been a big lull in our community for a while now and I'm hoping to bring some of the togetherness, familiarity and fun back through things like this.

So, uh, yea, ask me anything.

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