Hello, my name is NeonSpotlight, I am admin on the wiki and, as some people say, the boss around here. I've recently realized we have become complacent here at the wiki and have sought to find ways to improve the wiki.

Some improvements we have made include me adding a tabber function for champions with a remake on the PBE (see this old revision of Evelynn's page for an example]. We're currently discussing adding this to all champions who have changes on the PBE. Another improvement we've made includes adding a link to LoLKing's modelviewer in the name of every skin on a champion's SkinsTrivia page's gallery ([[Akali_the_Fist_of_Shadow/SkinsTrivia|click on Classic skin or any other skin name in the first gallery for an example of these links]]).

I guess I'm rambling now... the reason I made this blog is because I feel as though we need to incorporate the LoL community more than we currently do when it comes to improvements/changes to the wiki because we, as a small group, do not necessarily know what you guys like or want. This blog is to be a place where you guys can use the comment section to place any suggestions/ideas for improvement or changes that you see fit for the wiki. Please keep these comments mature and respect each other's opinions. Any comment that I deem offensive/unfit to be on this wiki will be deleted.