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NeonSpotlight's Compendium of Editorial Knowledge V2

A sort of continuation of my Compendium of Editorial Knowledge, it's more compact and streamlined than the original.

Compendium of Editorial Knowledge

Description You type You get
Applies anywhere
Italicize text



Bold text



Strikethrough text <s>strikethrough</s> strikethrough
Underline text <u>underline</u> underline
Bold and italic

'''''bold & italic'''''
<b><i>bold & italic</b></i>

bold & italic

Colored text using names

List of names

<span style=color:Red>Red</span>

<span style=color:Blue>Blue</span>
<span style=color:Green>Green</span>



Colored text using hexidecimal

Site to get hexidecimals

<span style=color:#FF0000>Red</span>

<span style=color:#0000FF>Blue</span>
<span style=color:#008000>Green</span>



Display wikitext code as typed <nowiki> [[This is not a link]] </nowiki> [[This is not a link]]
Add a line break This is<br /> broken in two. This is
broken in two.
Internal link

(within a local wiki)

[[User:NeonSpotlight|NeonSpotlight is the best admin :P]]

NeonSpotlight is the best admin :P

Redirect to another page

#REDIRECT [[League of Legends Wiki]]

redirectltr.png League of Legends Wiki

External link

(to other websites)

[http://www.example.org displayed text]

displayed text



{{templatename}} n/a
Champion icons {{ci|Annie}}

{{ci|Annie|Annie the Dark Child}}

Annie Annie

Annie Annie the Dark Child

Item icons {{ii|Boots of Speed}}

{{ii|Boots of Speed|The best boots ever}}

Boots of Speed item.png Boots of Speed

Boots of Speed item.png The best boots ever

Ability icons {{ai|Disintegrate|Annie}}

{{ai|Blinding Dart|Teemo}}

Disintegrate.png Disintegrate

Blinding Dart.png Blinding Dart

Champion ability icons {{cai|Disintegrate|Annie}}

{{cai|Blinding Dart|Teemo}}

Annie Annie's Disintegrate.png Disintegrate

Teemo Teemo's Blinding Dart.png Blinding Dart

Summoner spell icons {{si|Flash}}
Flash.png Flash
Mastery icons {{mi|Havoc}}
Havoc mastery s2.png Havoc (Deprecated template: use Mi1 to Mi6.)

Sign your posts
on talk pages


Your username 04:43,
22 February 2017 (UTC)

Applies only at the beginning of the line

A Table of Contents will automatically be generated when four headings are added to an article.

=Level 1=
==Level 2==
===Level 3===
====Level 4====
=====Level 5=====
======Level 6======

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

Level 5
Level 6
Bulleted list

**Two point one

  • One
  • Two
    • Two point one
  • Three
Numbered list

##Two point one

  1. One
  2. Two
    1. Two point one
  3. Three


Description You type You get

[[File:NeonSpotlight Support.jpg]]

NeonSpotlight Support

Sized image

[[File:NeonSpotlight Support.jpg|40px]]

NeonSpotlight Support

Thumbnail image

[[File:NeonSpotlight Support.jpg|thumb|Caption text]]

NeonSpotlight Support

Caption text

Bordered image

[[File:NeonSpotlight Support.jpg|border|Caption text]]

NeonSpotlight Support

Aligned image

[[File:NeonSpotlight Support.jpg|border|30px|left]] [[File:NeonSpotlight Support.jpg|border|30px|center]]

NeonSpotlight Support

NeonSpotlight Support

Linked image

[[File:NeonSpotlight Support.jpg|link=League of Legends Wiki]]

NeonSpotlight Support

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