I've decided to make this blog/guide because I noticed when V4.1 was released that a lot of people don't really know what to do wiki-wise when a patch is released.

This guide will be an updated version of my previous Patchtime Checklist blog except more fleshed out. As with my New champions guide, this will be more of a checklist type guide, not an extensive how-to edit guide. For basic editing help please see my compendium of editorial knowledge blogs.

In general Edit

New champions Edit

User blog:NeonSpotlight/NeonSpotlight's Guide to Editing: New champion releases

New items Edit

Will be a separate blog

Skins Edit

Patch 4.1 added 3 new skins:

Things that need to be done:

  • Splash and Loading arts uploaded properly
    • Images can be found in your League of Legends folder by following League of Legends > RADS > Projects > lol_air_client > releases > 0.0.x.xx (the highest numbered one) > deploy > assets > images > champions
    • Proper uploading policies can be found at MediaWiki:Uploadtext or at the top of Special:Upload
  • Champion's Skins/Trivia subpage galleries updated
  • Champion skin page updated, new skins added to lists
  • Template:New skins updated, new skins added, and old skins removed
  • Recall/Animations updated if new skins have unique recall animations

Ward skins Edit

Patch 4.1 added 2 new ward skins:

Things that need to be done:

Summoner icons Edit

Patch 4.1 added 4 new summoner icons:

Things that need to be done:

Game mechanics Edit

Summoner's Rift Turrets
  • Outer turrets no longer gain bonus armor and magic resist for the first eight minutes of the game.
  • Top and middle lane outer turrets now have 20 damage reduction from champion basic attacks

What needs to be done:

Patch histories Edit

While not a separate part of the patch this is an often overlooked area of patch time. All changes to champions and items need to be reflected in their respective patch histories. Let's use Anivia as an example:

AniviaSquare Anivia
  • General
    • Basic attack missile speed increased to 1400 from 1100.
  • Flash Frost Flash Frost
    • Mana cost reduced to 80 / 90 / 100 / 110 / 120 from 80 / 100 / 120 / 140 / 160.
  • Crystallize Crystallize
    • Mana cost changed to 70 at all ranks from 70 / 90 / 110 / 130 / 150.
  • Glacial Storm Glacial Storm
    • Anivia now sees a proximity indicator while her ultimate is active.

Patch histories can be broken down into 3 major parts:

  • Bold linked patch name - V4.1
  • Thing being changed bulleted, Stats, General or ability name via Template:Ai
    • Changes listed in an indented bullet, things like per rank changes encased in Template:Ap

An example of what the edit should look like can be seen here

Balance changes Edit

I've decided to group these all together under the blanket term "Balance changes." This will not be a how to editing guide but a checklist of what kind of changes need what pages edited. Keep in mind that in addition to the pages listed patch histories must also be updated.

Champion stat changes Edit


RivenSquare Riven
  • Stats
    • Base attack damage reduced to 51 from 54.
    • Attack damage per level increased to 3 from 2.75.


  • Template:Data Riven, replace Riven with any other champion name to get their corresponding page
  • Attack damage must be checked to see if this affected the highest/lowest chart

Crowd control changes Edit


AnnieSquare Annie
  • Pyromania Pyromania
    • Stun duration reduced to 1.25 / 1.5 / 1.75 from 1.75 at all levels.


Item stat changes Edit


Spirit Visage item Spirit Visage
  • Cooldown reduction reduced to 10% from 20%.


All statistic pages that an item is on have to be updated whenever any stat or the gold cost on an item is changed.

Ability stat changes Edit


JannaSquare Janna
  • Monsoon Monsoon
    • Channeling now begins instantly rather than after 0.25 seconds.
    • Total duration reduced to 3 seconds from 4.
    • Healing per second increased to 100 / 150 / 200 (+ 60% AP) from 70 / 110 / 150 (+ 35% AP).
    • Total heal increased to 300 / 450 / 600 (+ 180% AP) from 280 / 440 / 600 (+ 140% AP).


  • Healing
    • Healing amount, healing duration and the ability ratios need to be updated. Movement modifier does not need to be updated because the knockback has not changed and that's the only thing listed on that page.

List of stat pages Edit

This is a list of pages that need updating when an ability or an itemwith the stat is changed or is changed to now include the stat.