So, I've seen quite a few of these documentary/diaries around the web and decided to make one myself, especially with my recent dedication to ranked games and after seeing a user on Leaguecraft's Forum, Coal's, which can be viewed here:


As of starting this blog (May 1) I am at 1435 elo, 65 wins and 56 losses, and have a top rating of 1472. I've been going up slowly but steadily through a myriad of wins and losses (usually bouncing back and forth 12-13 elo before breaking out). Earlier in the season I started playing but that was back before I started getting better in terms of things like farming, warding, and map objectives and usually offered to play supports whenever possible. Because of this I sank back down to around 1180 elo (had around 26 losses and 25 wins at that point) and sat in that area for a couple months before picking up ranked up again.

I believe I have what it takes to get to gold before the end of the season, something I kind of which I did for Season 1 (in which I played 91 games and didn't really take it seriously, it was also very similar to my early Season 2 play).

Things I've done since my previous ranked endeavor:

  • Learned to play top (still somewhat limited in picks, mostly play Vlad, Irelia, and Lee)
  • Expanded my mid champion roster (can play any typical ranged mage as well as Talon, Fizz, and Morde)
  • Expanded my support champion roster to include aggressive melee supports, esp Leona and Taric
  • Opened up in terms of jungling (used to only jungle as trundle, now jungle as Ali or Maokai), my jungling skill is still limited and I avoid jungling as much as I can
  • Improved farming and harassing skills
  • Got a better grasp on map objectives
  • Improved on punishing enemy mistakes
  • Improved map awarness and pinging to alert allies (if I see a jungler I won't just assume they saw him too)
  • Controlled temper a bit, really helps with team morale and more importantly my own morale for when I play multiple games in a row

And a bunch of other little things that make me play better, like experience and frame of mind.

The reasons I am playing more and more ranked and looking to at least achieve gold is because I know I know more about this game than 90% of the community. I know I can play well enough to get to that level (in normals I play with golds frequently, after S1 ended I saw so many Victorious Jarvans it was sickening). I know that I do like to call people bad, and having that high Elo to further back up my statements would be nice. And just overall it would be a nice thing to have.


This will be the section of this blog where I will write down summaries of my games: my score, team score, outcome, what I could've done better, what my team could've done better, and just my overall thoughts on the game. I'm also thinking of adding replay files to these entries but I'm not sure how useful they would be.

5/1/12 Game 1 - Win - Janna

Champion: Janna

Got into champ select and I'm third pick, automatically someone says "ad bot." I feel a little sad, because I love playing ranged carries but whatevs. Champ select goes smooth, no real bumps. I was offered mid, if I really wanted it, or support by our 4th pick and went for support because he asked for mid earlier and I'm a fine support. Our AD picks MF and I wanted to go for Leona but he asked for Janna, which is fine. Our final lineup is Shen (jungle), Brand, Wukong, MF, and Janna against Vayne, Sona, Morde, Alistar (jungle), and GP.

Was a pretty normal stomp game, except for a bumpy early-game. Enemy Sona had 40 AP at level 1 with her Q up which resulted in me getting bush-ganked and giving up first blood as I was going to ward drag early because of boots Alistar ganks. Vayne picks up kill and laning phase continues as normal; until Wukong dies twice to GP. There's a little rage from Wu at Shen for lack of ganks even though GP is "overextended day and night," but nothing too harsh and out of control. We aren't doing extremely well in lane but it's pretty even, MF is a little behind in CS consistently but it isn't by much (5-10~), even after a successful gank from Alistar who came in through our jungle which I didn't have warded. Game gains momentum when Brand starts getting kills on Morde, both solo and with Shen's help. Brand and Shen come bot to abuse Sona's lack of wards (she rushed tear, started with ring, and got boots pretty early), allowing us to grab a kill and grab an early dragon. From this point on the game just snowballs for us with a lot of enemy raging in all chat about who's to blame and who's the worst player. We ace and push down a turret before they surrender. Easy 13 elo, up to 1448 now.

What I could have done better: Not facecheck bushes and keep bases covered with wards when dealing with strong gank-oriented junglers (mainly tri-bush).

5/1/12 Game 2 - Win - Urgot

Champion: Urgot
Build: Boots of Speed, Manamune, Frozen Heart, Bloodthirster
Score: 4/3/14
Team Scores: 34/6/59 to 6/34/8
Team Comp: Urgot, Janna, Nocturne, Talon (Mid), Annie (Top) v. Graves, Soraka, Jarvan (Jungle), Lee, Morgana

I was worried that Annie would get absolutely destroyed top against Lee, she had no armor masteries or runes and had 4 bars of health, her only defense was her boots of speed. Lee turned out to be awful and died to her a couple times. Talon destroyed Morgana mid, especially with Nocturne's help. Bot lane was fairly uneventful for most of the laning phase, Graves' passive and Soraka's heal, I kept up in CS though and eventually beat Graves. We traded some kills with mid/jungler assistance (always me dying). Ended up just being another stomp. Easy 13 elo, up to 1461.

What I could have done better: Played a little safer to prevent my deaths.

5/1/12 Game 3 - Win - Warwick

Champion: Warwick
Build: Ninja Tabi, Madred's Bloodrazor, Wit's End, Phage
Score: 5/4/7
Team Scores: 24/15/40 to 15/24/20
Team Comp: Warwick (Top), Udyr (Jungle), Sion, Ashe, Janna v. Ahri, Garen, Nocturne, Urgot, Alistar

Game was a little rocky at the start but eventually smoothed out after Sion got a triple kill bot. I had a rough laning phase due to multiple ganks from Nocturne from the top brush, silence into fear into Garen's ult into Nocturne's ult is a bit of a pain. Got carried by Sion and Ashe, 13 elo gained, up to 1474

What I could have done better: Warded top brush, played a bit safer with a Noc jungler

5/1/12 Game 4 - Loss - Talon

Champion: Talon
Build: Boots of Lucidity, Maw of Malmortius, Doran's Blade, Last Whisper, Negatron Cloak
Score: 5/4/2
Team Comp: Talon, Lee Sin, Nocturne, Ashe, Taric v. Poppy, Malphite, Ezreal, Soraka, Fizz

In team selection told team we needed an AP top, second pick proceeds to pick Lee Sin. Alright, I tell team we need a mixed damage carry like Kog, MF, Vayne, or Corki, last pick proceeds to pick Ashe and follows up with saying "no ap, GG." Game starts. I was a little worried of going against Fizz but ending up killing him a couple times and outfarming him a lot. Malphite fails a gank against our lee and I see him going to his jungle with his red up, I go in and steal red then kill Malph. I thought this game was going great, then I looked at Poppy and Lee's CS's. Poppy was basically free farming top, and she got two kills on Lee. Fizz switches with Poppy and I can no longer do anything because Poppy has a chain vest, sheen, and a philo stone. We get steamrolled every fight due to lack of dps due to no one on our team buying a last whisper except for me. Poppy would ult someone and they'd all run around not knowing what to do and get destroyed, I couldn't kill anyone solo because of Soraka. I told team to buy Last Whisper and Mres, no one listened of course, both Lee and Ashe went glass cannon, Skarner's only defense was the health from a Frozen Mallet. Meh game, lost 13 Elo, down to 1461

What I could have done better: Not much really, I know this is about finding faults in my play but in the end there wasn't much I could do in this situation. Maybe I could've ganked top more, but once Poppy hits 6 she's pretty immune to ganks and before 6 I'm a weak ganker. Maybe I should've picked a more common magic damage mid and shouldn't have relied on my team to listen and build a team around me.

5/2/12 Game 5 - Win - Galio

Champion: Galio
Build: Sorcerer's Shoes, Rod of Ages, Needlessly Large Rod, Blasting Wand
Score: 4/1/10
Team Comp: Galio, Riven, Kayle (Jungle), Ashe, Soraka v Morde, Vladimir, Blitzcrank, Trist, Lee

Was a fairly stomp-ish game once we hit late early-game. Game started with me guarding our blue in the river brush and had to burn a flash to escape from the enemy team and they stole blue due to 4v5 and having a stronger early-game. Mordekaiser nearly doubled my CS at one point of the laning phase due to my inability to get close enough to last hit without being harassed and our jungler was a little behind due to a lack of getting of blue early. Riven destroyed Vlad top and after getting a kill on him we ganked full health Mordekaiser at top turret and ended up losing 2 of us (Riven and Myself) with Kayle picking up the kill, Kayle was level 4 while Riven and I were 6. Mordekaiser continued to do well in lane but once I finished catalyst and got a blasting wand I started CS'ing better due to having more mana to spam spells and the spells doing enough damage to destroy the caster minions without help. Game continued on and I picked up a couple kills off of bot lane and enemy jungle who tried to turret dive bot a couple times and kept getting caught in the bush that leads into the jungle from bot turret. We won a couple skirmishes and just streamrolled from that point on. Pretty easy win, +13 elo, back up to 1474.

Things I could have done better: Be more aggressive early against Morde to exploit his weak 1-4, CS'd better, not turret dive a full health Morde at level 6 when I have no armor except the small amount from my rank 1 Bulwark.

5/2/12 Game 6 - Win - Vladimir

Champion: Vladimir
Build: Cloth Armor, Will of the Ancients, Boots of Speed, Needlessly Large Rod, Blasting Wand
Score: 0/2/8
Team Comp: Vlad, Mundo, Ryze, Soraka, Sivir v. Udyr, Trundle, Ashe, Sona, Brand

Was a stomp game, denied Udyr top due to the range advantage and just overall tankiness advantage with my cloth armor start and defensive runes and masteries. Killed him at level 2 with a Mundo gank, he had ghost instead of flash (as did I). Every lane won, jungle counterjungled and ganked well, overall enemy team was just outplayed. Easy win, +13 elo, up to a new top of 1487

Things I could have done better: Focus on CSing more, even with Udyr being denied large creepwaves I was only ever 10-15 CS above him.

5/3/12 Game 7 - Loss - Riven

Champion: Riven
Build: Mercury Treads, Null-Magic Mantle, Long Sword
Score: 0/3/0
Team Comp: Soraka, Riven, Trist, Udyr, Gragas v. Ryze, Rumble, Nautilus, Vayne, Taric

Got stomped, Udyr didn't know how to gank overextended Rumble, Nautilus ganked me 8 times before the 10th minute and there was nothing I could do against his passive and Q, Rumble rolled me because I had no jungler help. Soraka got pissed because Udyr never ganked and he kept insulting everyone, especially me, because my Q and E should make me immune to CC and I should never get hit by any skill shot ever, so she rage-quit. Tristana couldn't play AD carries, only supports, and failed hard. Only decent member was Gragas and that's only because I didn't really see him play.

Things I could have done better: In this game, not much. I couldn't do anything against Rumble because of how much Naut babysat him during his weakest point (1-4) and Udyr's complete lack of ganks. Loss of 13 elo, back down to 1474.

5/3/12 Game 8 - Win - Vayne

Champion: Vayne
Build: Wriggle's Lantern, Doran's Blade, Berserker's Greaves, Infinity Edge, Phantom Dancer, Vampiric Scepter
Score: 11/4/12
Team Comp: Vayne, Olaf, Soraka, Nautilus, Alistar v. Blitzcrank, Graves, Shen, Ahri, Udyr

Started out rough but once mid-game hit it was a complete stomp. Lane was tough due to Grave's and Blitzcrank's combined burst and Blitz's ability to zone via presence. I was outCS'd by 35 at one point, but Graves had near perfect CS. Soraka came down and picked up two kills, but then fed a lot to Ahri and let Ahri roam without repercussion. Some raging happened between our Nautilus and Soraka and this continued until the end of the game. Once teamfights started I picked up kills with Silver Bolts and Condemn and with our composition I just decimated team fights by utilizing the heals and CC of my allies. Somewhat easy 12 elo, up to 1486.

Things I could have done better: Harass, CS, and CS some more. Graves had a really good combination of harass and farming that I completely lacked. This is something I'm going to have to practice on, especially harass.

5/4/12 Game 9 - Loss - Soraka

Champion: Soraka
Build: Shurelya's Reverie, Heart of Gold, Boots of Lucidity, Kage's Lucky Pick
Score: 2/7/10
Team Comp: Udyr, Vladimir, Ashe, Kassadin, Soraka v. Mordekaiser, Shyvana, Teemo, Graves, Janna

Just a rough game, a real psychological hit. Had a bad game, everyone has one once in a while, but it was only confounded by the fact that our Udyr was constantly harassing me and the rest of the team verbally. I missed a heal early which resulted in me dying, I lagged out too far in the lane and died (even though it ended up saving our Ashe by distraction), missed placing a ward in the brush. Thankfully I wasn't the only one doing bad, I just happened to seem to be the most noticeable. Ashe was missing a lot of CS, Kass was down 100 CS at 15~ mins in, Vlad died to Shyv+Teemo a couple times, Udyr died in the enemy jungle trying to counter-jungle, etc. We were just outplayed and outpicked (Kass after a Morde pick, Ashe after Graves). Lost 12 elo, back down to 1474.

Things I could have done better: Use the ignore feature, Udyr's words really got under my skin and just made my play even worse.

5/4/12 Game 10 - Win - Vayne

Champion: Vayne
Build: Wriggle's Lantern, Berserker's Greaves, Infinity Edge, Zeal, Thornmail, Cloak of Agility
Score: 6/6/10
Team Score: 30/20/61 to 20/30/30
Team Comp: Vayne, Udyr, Soraka, Nocturne, Anivia v. Alistar, Malzahar, Shyvana, Graves, Fiora

Ended up being a stomp after the 25 minute mark, early game was a little rough for our jungle because he didn't understand that noc is a weak jungler, and counter-jungler while Shyv is a strong one. Died to Shyv and top in the enemy jungle, died in a gank or two by initiating fights with his face while building glass cannon, etc. My lane wasn't bad, kept up with Graves in CS for the most part even with Soraka DC'ing three times. Got a kill on Ali early due to him being overconfident. We lost our first teamfight due to Noc, Udyr, and Soraka not protecting Anivia and myself but by the second teamfight we picked it up and just started rolling teamfights. Somewhat easy 13 elo, up to 1487.

Things I could have done better: CS, as always, could have been better. Also could've worked on my lane harass because I noticed I was very passive at times. Late-game I died to Malzahar because I took a risk thinking his ult was down and turret dived him in his base but it was up and I died humiliatingly, I shouldn't have taken such a risk.

5/5/12 Game 11 - Loss - LeBlanc

Champion: LeBlanc
Build: Deathfire Grasp, Doran's Ring, Sorcerer's Shoes, Doran's Ring, Needlessly Large Rod, Blasting Wand
Score: 8/6/4
Team Score: 21/31/27 to 31/21/57
Team Comp: LeBlanc, Olaf, Janna, Ashe, Shyvana v. Katarina, Fiora, Tristana, Alistar, Warwick

Enemy lane fed and fed and fed, Tristana had 7 kills by 12 mins in. Couldn't do much, jungler didn't gank just farmed jungle, I did what I could but couldn't leave lane because of Warwick always showing up after a kill to pressure. Olaf and myself got semi-fed but it was no competition once we hit fights due to how fed and farmed Trist was. Annoying loss of 12 elo, down to 1475.

Things I could have done better: CS, LeBlanc's auto attack animation and low damage really hurt me and I had to last hit at tower early due to Bouncing Blade.

5/5/12 Game 12 - Loss - Kayle

Champion: Kayle
Build: Boots of Speed, Doran's Blade, Doran's Blade, B.F. Sword, Pickaxe
Score: 1/1/0

Did good against enemy Nid top, denied her farm and farmed well myself but rest of team fell apart hardcore. Loss of 12 elo, down to 1462.

5/5/12 Game 13 - Loss - Leona

Champion: Leona Build: Shurelia's Reverie, Heart of Gold, Boots of Speed, Cloth Armor, Chain Vest Score: 1/1/5

Mid fed, top fed, jungle fed, game was just a flop. Did all I could bot but it wasn't enough. Loss of 12 elo, down to 1450

5/6/12 Game 14 - Loss - LeBlanc

Champion: LeBlanc
Build: Deathfire Grasp, Doran's Ring, Doran's Ring, Sorcerer's Shoes
Score: 3/6/4
Team Comp: LeBlanc, Master Yi, Olaf, Ezreal, Leona v. Karthus, Lee Sin, Irelia, Graves, Soraka

Bot lane fed Graves, Karthus, and Lee Sin, Lee Sin helped every lane while master Yi couldn't even help himself (jungle stolen), Karthus built 5 Doran's and got kills via ults on bot. Was just a frustrating game, couldn't be aggressive on Karth because of Lee's presence and the fact if I wanted to get in range to Q him I'd have to eat a couple of his Qs which would always outdamage my aggression. Lost 11 Elo, down to 1439.

5/6/12 Game 15 - Loss - Ryze

Champion: Ryze
Build: Mercury's Treads, Tear of the Goddess, Rod of Ages, Banshee's Veil, Chain Vest
Score: 4/5/5
Team Comp: Ryze, Caitlyn, Soraka, Skarner, Renekton v. Graves, Sona, Cass, Udyr, Jax

Another game where bot lane just failed hard. Graves got free farm, got kills (which I don't understand because Cait counters Graves), and ended up carrying the shit out of the game. Cait built a BT over an IE which made it so her already poor mid/late-game damage was even poorer in comparison to Graves. I did fine against Cass, was 10 CS above her, prevented her from ganking, got 2 kills on her with Skarner's help, but it wasn't enough. Loss of 12 elo, down to 1427.

5/6/12 Game 16 - Win - Lux

Champion: Lux
Build: Sorcerer's Shoes, Rabadon's Deathcap, Doran's Ring
Score: 7/3/0
Team Comp: Lux, Shyvana, Irelia, Vayne, Alistar v. Ryze, Rammus, Sion, Caitlyn, Zilean

Pretty much a stomp, jungler ganked mid at 2 and we killed him due to Shyv's exhaust, my snare, and my flash+ignite finisher. Not much to the game, enemy team outplayed/outpicked in every lane, Rammus couldn't keep up with Shyv, etc. Picked up a double kill on Ramm and Zilean with my combo as the Ryze and them were chasing me after killing bot (bot was extended but got a kill on Cait in the process), I ended up dying to Ryze in the end though (flashed over wall but his auto attack was already on the way and it picked me off). Rammus raged a bit and the enemy team surrendered. 12 Elo, back up to 1439.

Things I could have done better: CS, as always, seems to be an issue of mine. I outCS'd Ryze by a good bit but it was still meh, I missed a lot as I focused harassing Ryze.

5/6/12 Game 17 - Win - Nidalee

Champion: Nidalee
Build: Wriggle's Lantern, Trinity Force, Boots of Lucidity, Atma's Impaler
Score: 9/2/4
Team Score: 21/9/40 v. 9/21/15
Team Comp: Nidalee, Mordekaiser, Graves, Soraka, Nocturne v. Ahri, Tryndamere, Corki, Pantheon, Blitzcrank

Pretty good game, even if our Soraka wasn't the best and didn't want to communicate with the team. Abused my range against Tryndamere top and got an early kill which led to me snowballing and denying him (at one point had 50 cs more than him). Because I didn't need Nocturne's help he was allowed to babysit our bot and gank mid more than the enemy Panth (who tried ganking top 5 times but got nowhere due to armor runes+wriggles+my passive/pounce). I died once due to overconfidence and turret diving while thinking Trynd's ult was down when it wasn't. Destroyed teamfights and picked off enemies in their jungle with ward coverage and bushwhacks. Nice 13 elo, up to 1452.

Things I could have done better: Probably could have ganked mid or stole enemy jungle after I pushed to Trynd's turret/sent him back. CS, as always, could have been better but it wasn't bad this game (lost to Morde by 2 CS at the end of the game).

5/6/12 Game 18 - Win - Tristana

Champion: Tristana
Build: Doran's Blade, Berserker's Greaves, Infinity Edge, Zeal, Cloak of Agility
Score: 8/4/7
Team Score: 19/15/36 to 15/19/28
Team Comp: Tristana, Mundo, Warwick, AListar, Cass v. Graves, Taric, Shen, Kass, Jax

Gotta say, love Alistar Trist lane with heal/ignite on Trist. Got 3 kills on by the time I hit 7. Got a little annoyed after the fourth 5 man gank bot, but at least WW knew how to take advantage and pushed top until they lost the second turret. Once teamfights started we just destroyed and kept on steamrolling. 13 Elo, up to 1465.

Things I could have done better: Run when 4-5 people are coming instead of staying at turret, run when 2 teammates are overextended and not listening to B pings as 4-5 enemies are coming instead of staying thinking I can help, CS a bit better.

5/6/12 Game 19 - Win - Vayne

Champion: Vayne
Build: Quicksilver Sash, Infinity Edge, Bloodthirster, Phantom Dancer, Berserker's Greaves, Last Whisper
Score: 12/7/15
Team Score: 40/26/101 to 26/40/60
Team Comp: Vayne, Janna, Amumu, Panth, Nautilus v. Graves, Blitz, Maokai, Warwick, Sion

For as long as the game went (44 minutes) we had the advantage for almost the whole game. Nautilus did really well against Sion mid, Panth got a few kills on Warwick and didn't die once until the 30 minute mark. Janna was our weakest link early due to her giving up FB and messing up our lvl 1 gank by walking through our jungle instead of going through mid and she got caught by blitz and didn't flash. In lane she didn't ward the lane brush so Blitz camped it all day, thankfully she only got pulled twice in lane and in neither situation did she die. The game wasn't a stomp, as there were some back and forth moments. I lost some CS due to Blitz' mere presence and Janna's inability to ward. We picked up some early kills thanks to Amumu, but also lost some kills due to some bad positioning on the part of everyone in our jungle somewhat early. Once the big teamfights started happening I picked up some more kills and started to shine, I shone so much that I started being focused in teamfights hardcore by their tons of CC but it was ok because Panth started having more kills than I did by the 30~ minute mark (his final score was 19/3/11), mostly due to me being locked down and being focused and they never started focusing him (even the last teamfight, I was the one focused as Panth destroyed their team). Good game and a good 12 elo, back to 1477.

Things I could have done better: CS, could have bot a ward myself to ward that bot brush, positioned better in that jungle fight, built a little tankier because I was being focused the way I was.

5/8/12 Game 20 - Win - Kennen

Champion: Kennen
Build: Boots of Speed, Rabadon's Deathcap, Hextech Revolver
Score: 4/1/3
Team score: 25/10/28 to 10/25/11
Team comp: Kennen, Udyr, Soraka, Vayne, Ziggs v. Vladimir, Graves, Kassadin, Alistar, Nocturne

Highest CS in game, highest level 17 while enemy's highest was 14 and our team's second highest was 15. Pretty much destroyed Vlad in lane, when I destroyed his turret I was 35 cs above him. My death was because I was silly and didn't think my ignite would kill Vlad so I turret dove for an auto attack (an attack I didn't even get off). Nocturne came top 6 times overall but nothing ever came of it other than a wasting of his time, he came in at level 3 and forced my flash (I didn't want to take damage from him, would've lived even if I didn't) and he camped for a good minute poking out twice with his Q but not getting in range for the E. While this was going on our Udyr was ganking mid and bottom and getting places. With Nocturne behind our team went for an early 4-man dragon as soon as the enemy Kass went back, unfortunately our Vayne didn't pick up on it and was dueling the enemy Alistar. We got the dragon and the kill on Alistar with Soraka saving Vayne with silences and heals. I continued dominating top with my first buy back being a Needlessly Large Rod. Vayne had some issues down bot giving Graves 3 kills but eventually the rest of the team's successes powered through her shaky performance and we steamrolled through a fight or two (as I was pushing top, hence the somewhat low amount of kills/assists, because I was kept Vlad and Noc top) the enemy team surrendered. Easy 12 elo, new high of 1489.

Things I could have done better: Even though I was the top CS for all the game it wasn't all that good, it was just everyone else was worse at CSing than I was. I had 70~ish at the 12 minute mark, which could really use some improving. Another thing I could have done better was my death, I took an unnecessary risk and should have played smarter by not diving and farming.

5/8/12 Game 21 - Win - Soraka

Champion: Soraka
Build: Philosopher's Stone, Kage's Lucky Pick, Heart of Gold, Boots of Lucidity
Score: 0/2/15
Team comp: Soraka, Trist, Jarvan, Pantheon (mid), Morg (top) v. Irelia, Ahri, Nautilus, Alistar, Graves

Almost was a 4v5 due to our Jarvan almost quitting after dying early to a jungle invasion after our Panth died to a gank, but with some encouraging words on my part he stayed. My lane went ok, Trist was behind 10~ CS but it was understandable considering Naut camped bot for a while. My two deaths came from 4 man ganks with Ahri and Naut coming through our jungle, but both times we ended up ahead, one time we went 2 for 3 and the second time 2 for 4. Kept wards up everywhere and even baited the enemy team into a gank with my wards in the baron pit; Alistar had an oracles and the rest of his team was with him, Jarvan ults in with Morg flash+ult and Pantheon's ult and we wiped them. Nice 13 elo, broke 1500 and am sitting at 1502.

Things I could have done better: Ward our jungle earlier due to Nautilus invading. When I got an oracle's I found 3 wards in our jungle (red, blue, brush heading into wraiths).

5/8/12 Game 22 - Loss - Orianna

Champion: Orianna
Build: Sorcerer's Shoes, Rod of Ages, Glacial Shroud, Rabadon's Deathcap
Score: 4/5/10
Team score: 21/39/43 to 39/21/75
Team comp: Blitzcrank, Ashe, Orianna, Olaf, Nautilus v. Galio, Riven, Vayne, Alistar, Shen

Top fed, bot fed, jungle fed... Top didn't ward and overextended, started with regrowth pendant against Riven, died and died and died to Shen and Riven. Bot lane, enemy Vayne was 5/0 before their turret went down, Naut tried twice to 3v3 fight with Shen down there which made no sense due to Vayne's stronger early-game damage. I did ok, killed Galio early, denied him a bit, died myself due to a risky bait attempt, killed Galio as he and Shen chased me but Riven was in our jungle and came by and destroyed me as I was escaping. Game went on for 40 minutes, mostly due to enemy team being silly. Late-game Ashe would die in a combo from Riven, Olaf had no damage (Warmogs AND Frozen Mallet on him, which just resulted him being melted down by his lack of armor and Vayne's Silver Bolts). Nothing I could do except throw the enemy team around and burst them a bit. Lost 12 elo, down to 1490.

Things I could have done better: Maybe asked Olaf for a swap, although I can't imagine myself doing so well against Riven. CS better. Not make risky bait attempts.

5/8/12 Game 23 - Loss - Ryze

Champion: Ryze
Build: Sorcerer's Shoes, Banshee's Veil, Tear of the Goddess, Frozen Heart
Score: 3/4/7

Lost 12 elo, down to 1478.

5/8/12 Game 24 - Win - Vayne

Champion: Vayne
Build: Wriggle's Lantern, Berserker's Greaves, Phantom Dancer, Infinity Edge, Zeal
Score: 17/4/9

Gained 12 elo, up to 1490.

5/8/12 Game 25 - Loss - Janna

Champion: Janna
Build: Philosopher's Stone, Kage's Lucky Pick, Heart of Gold, Boots of Speed
Score: 0/2/4

Lost 13 elo, down to 1477.

5/8/12 Game 26 - Loss - Ahri

Champion: Ahri
Build: Boots of Speed, Doran's Ring, Doran's Ring, Rabadon's Deathcap
Score: 0/5/2

Lost 13 elo, down to 1464.

5/8/12 Game 27 - Loss - Sona

Champion: Sona
Build: Philosopher's Stone, Heart of Gold, Boots of Lucidity
Score: 0/3/0

Lost 12 elo, down to 1452.

5/8/12 Game 28 - Loss - Orianna

Champion: Orianna
Build: Sorcerer's Shoes, Rabadon's Deathcap, Rod of Ages, Void Staff, Chain Vest
Score: 4/6/5

Lost 12 elo, down to 1440.

5/8/12 Game 29 - Loss - Taric

Champion: Taric
Build: Philosopher's Stone, Heart of Gold, Boots of Speed
Score: 0/0/2

Lost 12 elo, down to 1428.

5/8/12 Game 30 - Win - Vladimir

Champion: Vladimir
Build: Cloth Armor, Will of the Ancients, Sorcerer's Shoes, Rabadon's Deathcap Score: 1/3/16 Team score: 28/23/63 to 23/29/47 Team comp: Vladimir, Mordekaiser, Jax, Alistar, Graves v. Ryze, Renekton, Varus, Riven, Blitzcrank

Was a comeback game, took a bit until we got our shit together but once we did we won fight after fight until we broke even and got baron and from then on just rolled the enemy in teamfights. My lane was meh, died twice in it, once to Riven ganking me while I was overextended early and the second when I underestimated Renekton's ignite cooldown. Neither one of us was doing that good in CS but I stayed ahead by a solid 5-10. I died my third time by getting caught in the river as I went to help our bottom lane, again because I was out of position. I'll admit I got carried, but I did help with my ult and AoE and my WotA helped keep our Morde in more than one fight. Up 13 elo, back to 1441.

Things I could have done better: CS, not overextend without ward coverage, don't make such risky plays, and keep an eye on the map as to not get ganked.

5/10/12 Game 31 - Win - Graves

Champion: Graves
Build: Doran's Blade, Boots of Speed, Infinity Edge, Vampiric Scepter
Score: 3/3/3
Team score: 13/4/21 to 4/14/7
Team comp: Graves, Olaf, Shyvana, Ahri, Soraka v. Alistar, Maokai, Vayne, Ryze, Talon

First pick Talon was countered by our Olaf pick, Ahri got fed (6/0/2) off ganks on Talon and bot lane fighting. My CS was going well until bot lane started getting hectic with 4-5 man ganks happening from both sides, I ended up 44 behind our Olaf and 12 behind our Ahri but 42 more than the enemy Vayne. I got a little greedy at points which resulted in my deaths, turret diving 4 enemies to finish off Vayne (worked and almost got away but Ryze's new ult's movement speed and flash let him catch up to me) and my lack of map awareness killed me once as I tried to run through river to escape a gank but Ryze was coming down and caught me (he was supposed to be top at the time). Nice 13 elo, up to 1454.

Things I could have done better: CC, map awareness, and learning to play it safe.

5/10/12 Game 32 - Loss - Udyr

Champion: Udyr
Build: Wriggle's Lantern, Mercury Treads, Heart of Gold, Cloth Armor, Chain Vest
Score: 2/8/2
Team score: 12/28/15 to 28/12/40
Team comp: Udyr, Olaf, Varus, Janna, Brand v. Leona, Mundo, Lee Sin, Corki, Twisted Fate

Got turret dived early by Mundo and Lee, got a kill on Mundo but lost FB. Olaf came top to cover lane but was low HP and kept taking Q damage from Lee until he got low enough for Lee to combo in and take double buffs and another kill. Got destroyed in later after that due to a mixture of double-buff 2-kill Lee Sin and Mundo ganks, Olaf gave Corki down bot the next set of double buffs which allowed for Corki to dominate bot lane. After this Olaf just farmed jungle all day, save for the random initiate and chase which resulted in more feeding. 26 min loss, lost 13 elo, down to 1441.

Things I could have done better: Maybe just get denied by Lee Sin early, but this wouldn't have stopped Olaf from feeding bot. Just a meh game.

5/10/12 Game 33 - Loss - Gragas

Champion: Gragas
Build: Boots of Speed, Doran's Ring, Doran's Ring, Needlessly Large Rod, Blasting Wand
Score: 0/5/0
Team comp: Gragas, Irelia, Lee Sin, Tristana, Sona v. Varus, Janna, Galio, Teemo, Mundo

Despite my awful score, it actually wasn't the worst in the game. Dr. Mundo camped my lane so hard, Galio got every blue (including ours), and Lee ended up getting me killed twice. Lee fed bot lane, top lane, mid lane, and the jungle, it was so ridiculous. Lost 12 elo, down to 1429.

Things I could have done better: Backed off more because I knew Mundo was camping

5/10/12 Game 34 - Loss - Maokai

Champion: Maokai
Build: Shurelya's Reverie, Boots of Lucidity, Randuin's Omen, Kage's Lucky Pick
Score: 1/8/10

Reminded me why I don't play junglers and haven't played one in over 1k games; lost baron to Shyv ult+smite and got yelled at by my team so hard. Bot lane failed and it was my fault they overextended 24/7 and never got ganks. Mid lane did meh. Top lane got some kills but it wasn't enough to counter-act bot lane's feeding. Lost 12 elo, down to 1417.

5/11/12 Game 35 - Loss - Vayne

Champion: Vayne
Build: Wriggle's Lantern, Berserker's Greaves, Infinity Edge, Phantom Dancer, Maw of Malmortius, Zeal
Score: 16/6/10

Got focused every fight by enemy Riven and Olaf (and LeBlanc in a couple) with no real help from my team. Our Veigar and Kennen fed LeBlanc so much I had to go for Maw over Last Whisper and, because of this, I couldn't kill Olaf before he could kill me late-game (he also got fed off of Kennen and Veig). First pick Veig ftw and Kennen counter-picked himself after Janna. Void Staff on Veig took 35 mins, Kennen didn't start his, enemy team had 3 FoNs and a Banshee's. Lost 12 elo, down to 1405.

Things I could have done better: Sell Wriggles for a LW maybe, but then I'd have no lifesteal. My CS would've been better if Kennen didn't take every wave that built up. Blargh.

5/11/12 Game 36 - Loss - Karma

Champion: Karma
Build: Boots of Speed, Kage's Lucky Pick, Philosopher's Stone, Heart of Gold, Negatron Cloak, Needlessly Large Rod
Score: 1/4/1

Duo queue bot that got destroyed and enemy Naut camped my lane hardcore. I was a part of our loss but we didn't even hit teamfight stage by the time team surrendered (4 to 1 vote, I voted no) so meh. Lost 13 elo, down to 1393.

Things I could have done better: played safer early with such an annoyingly strong ganker

5/11/12 Game 37 - Loss - Lux

Champion: Lux
Build: Deathfire Grasp, Rabadon's Deathcap, Sorcerer's Shoes, Blasting Wand, Philosopher's Stone, Heart of Gold
Score: 5/2/5
Team score: 14/31/19 to 31/14/36
Team comp: Lux, Taric, Ryze, Nocturne, Corki v. Zilean, Olaf, Varus, Nautilus, Sona

An annoying and frustrating game to say the least. Olaf top lane ended at 12/3/3, Varus 13/2/3, Nautilus, 1/2/11, Sona 1/5/15, and Zilean 4/2/4. Our top lane Ryze ended 2/11, our Corki 4/7/1, our Taric 2/8/7, our Nocturne 1/3/6. Nothing I could do, I was the only one who did good in the lane and prevented Zilean from getting anywhere. My first death happened at level 2 when I underestimated his damage, my second death happened 30 minutes later as I went to check baron (almost stole it, but smite too stronk) and I died to the 9+ kill Varus. Needless to say a game like this is one that makes one want to stop playing ranked. Lost 12 elo, added another loss to my streak, and have fallen to 1380.

Things I could have done better: Played safer early and CS could've been better (180 me v 178 Zilean)

5/14/12 Game 38 - Win - Riven

Champion: Riven Build: Mercury's Treads, Frozen Mallet, Last Whisper, Guardian Angel, The Bloodthirster, Thornmail Score 16/10/22 Team score: 73/55/147 to 55/73/115 Team comp: Riven, Amumu, Varus, Olaf, Fiddlesticks v. Vlad, Soraka, Ashe, Lee Sin, Cass

Let me start this off by saying this was one of, if not the, longest games of my long LoL career. 1 hour and 22 minutes of my life went into this game for 13 elo. We could've won three times earlier but our Varus would rather farm than push down inhibs/end game. We have no support because Olaf DC'd during champ select and got random'd Olaf, bought 2~ wards throughout the whole game. For the majority of the game had carried around 4 gp10s (his final build was Randuin's, Atma's, FoN, Frozen Heart, Warmog's, and Boots of Lucidiy. He got the Atma's only after 30~ minutes of me and Fid urging him to, he sold his reverie for it. I destroyed Vlad in lane, 30 cs above him when I destroyed top turret and 2 kills to 0 (I did die though to Lee, that was my first kill on Vlad). When Vlad went down to do drag I pushed down the first turret, second turret, and halved the inhib turret before they eventually got me and killed me. We won the teamfight for drag 3 to 1 but lost drag. Throughout the game we had a lot of premature Amumu ults since he didn't wait until the team was in a good position before he went in and a lot of Varus wandering off or initiating with his face, I nicknamed him throwrus or throrus. Really back and forth game that was pretty fun. Gained 13 elo, up to 1393.

5/16/12 Game 39 - Win - Miss Fortune

Champion: Miss Fortune
Build: Giant's Belt, Berserker's Greaves, Infinity Edge, Phantom Dancer, Vampiric Scepter, Phage
Score: 7/3/8
Team score: 24/14/49 to 14/24/23
Team comp: Lux, Miss Fortune, Soraka, Warwick, Shaco v. Janna, Shyvana, Orianna, Corki, Olaf

An interesting game. Orianna was really bad, final build was Boots of Lucidity, Rylai's and tear. Olaf, while going 5/4/2, had another interesting build: Shurelya's Reverie, Phage, Heart of Gold, Wit's End, and Ninja Tabi. Shyvana rushed Frozen Mallet so she did no damage. Me and Corki stayed even on CS for a large part of the game, both highest CS on teams, but even then it was only because everyone else was bad at CSing. Fairly easy 13 elo, up to 1406, woot.

Things I could have done better: CS

5/16/12 Game 40 - Loss - Gragas

Champion: Gragas
Build: Deathfire Grasp, Rod of Ages, Sorcerer's Shoes
Score: 4/6/1

Things I could have done better: More lane pressure, ward more, or just be more perceptive to ganks. Enemy Ahri got kills and soulstealer stacks from bot, even with mias. Usually by the time I could get down there after noticing she was gone it was too late.

5/16/12 Game 41 - Win - Morgana

Champion: Morgana
Build: Deathfire Grasp, Rabadon's Deathcap, Zhonya's Hourglass, Blasting Wand, Sorcerer's Shoes, Doran's Ring
Score: 3/1/17

Stomp game. Enemy AP nid didn't do bad in lane but she couldn't do anything once teamfights started.

Things I could have done better: CS could have been better early, missed some last hits.

5/16/12 Game 42 - Loss - Warwick

Champion: Warwick
Build: Mercury's Treads, Madred's Bloodrazor, Null-Magic Mantle, Recursive Bow
Score: 2/5/4

Enemy Kayle got 4 kills in a fight bot, she got two kills from my lane (1 from me early, was my fault, and another from our Amumu jungle who sat in river brush until the enemy jungle Jax came by and wiped the floor with him). Immediately I was the cause of Kayle being so fed. Considering the lane matchup and the fact I was only 13 cs behind even after her getting 2 kills early and having the range/harass advantage on me I'd say I did ok.

Things I could have done better: Be less cocky early, was the reason I died.

5/16/12 Game 43 - Loss - Olaf

Champion: Olaf
Build: Mercury's Treads, Philosopher's Stone, Heart of Gold, Frozen Mallet, Atma's Impaler, Negatron Cloak
Score: 6/4/2

Bot lane fed hardcore, not much to do. Our Alistar kept getting baited into initiating even with me and our mid (only two that went positive) spamming the "B" ping. Graves didn't know how to dodge a skillshot and got destroyed by Varus so hard.

Things I could have done better: I did lose my lane, Vlad's range advantage really got me. Again though I got cocky early and payed for it in death.

5/16/12 Game 44 - Loss - Irelia

Champion: Irelia
Build: Mercury's Treads, Philosopher's Stone, Randuin's Omen, Trinity Force, Wit's End
Score: 4/4/3

Destroyed my lane, gave her and her jungler no kills, outCS'd her hard (was Riven). Didn't matter. Our Morgana lost lane so hard and fed Lux so much it was mind boggling to me. Bot lane fed Lux and bot. End-game Lux's ult wasn't doing 300 damage to me but was doing 50-60% of the rest of my team's life. Our jungler was "taking a shit" so he was behind, since he didn't join until about 3 minutes in and that didn't really help our team either. Blargh.

Things I could have done better: CS could have been better, maybe could have ganked Lux (though it would've been difficult).

5/16/12 Game 45 - Loss - Kennen

Champion: Kennen
Build: Sorcerer's Shoes, Will of the Ancients, Abyssal Scepter, Blasting Wand
Score: 1/9/8
Team comp: Kennen, Ashe, Alistar, Shyvana, Vlad v. Orianna, Warwick, Caitlyn, Soraka, Warwick

I'll admit I was a big part of this loss. Distracted with personal problems through the whole game, hit me hardest in lane where I fed Ori 3 kills early. Later on though our focus in fights was awful. I was the only one on Ori and Cait (and, subsequently, got bursted down hard after my stun combo ended) as the rest of my team was pushed back by the rest of their team. Down to 1358 elo.

Things I could have done better: Kept my head in the game

5/17/12 - 5/22/12=

5/17/12 Game 46 - Win - Lux

Champion: Lux
Build: Sorcerer's Shoes, Philosopher's Stone, Heart of Gold, Kage's Pick, Needlessly Large Rod, Blasting Wand
Score: 5/1/10

5/18/12 Game 47 - Loss - Irelia

Champion: Irelia
Build: Sheen, Philosopher's Stone, Mercury's Treads, Heart of Gold, Avarice Blade, Phage
Score: 4/7/5

5/19/12 Game 48 - Win - Kennen

Champion: Kennen
Build: Berserker's Greaves, Infinity Edge, Doran's Blade, Doran's Blade, Zeal
Score: 4/6/6

Got stuck as AD Kennen, I was first pick and we already had someone call mid so I decided I'll Kenn top. Fourth pick comes around and the guy says "I TOP" and picks Olaf and locks in. Went into game and Olaf fed the enemy Renekton hard, bot lane we didn't do so well because I had never played AD Kennen before and ended up, at times, thinking I was AP and getting myself killed.

5/19/12 Game 49 - Win - Lux

Champion: Lux
Build: Sorcerer's Shoes, Rabadon's Deathcap, Doran's Ring, Deathfire Grasp
Score: 5/1/10

5/20/12 Game 50 - Win - Lux

Champion: Lux
Build: Deathfire Grasp, Doran's Ring, Rabadon's Deathcap, Sorcerer's Shoes, Philosopher's Stone, Needlessly Large Rod
Score: 9/4/10

5/20/12 Game 51 - Win - Vayne

Champion: Vayne
Build: Infinity Edge, Berserker's Greaves, Doran's Blade, Doran's Blade, Phantom Dancer, Trinity Force
Score: 12/3/13

5/20/12 Game 52 - Loss - Lulu

Champion: Lulu
Build: Philosopher's Stone, Boots of Speed, Kage's Lucky Pick, Heart of Gold
Score: 0/4/6

First time I played Lulu as support since her release week. Our MF was very passive and we got destroyed by the enemy Graves and Soraka. Top lane didn't fair so well either. We really got outplayed.

5/20/12 Game 53 - Win - Lux

Champion: Lux
Build: Sorcerer's Shoes, Rabadon's Deathcap, Doran's Ring, Lich Bane
Score: 10/1/6 Team comp: Lux, Riven, Tryndamere, Shen, Sivir v. Jax, Corki, Morde, Alistar, Naut

Enemy team just got outplayed. Tryndamere just free-farmed top and pushed down top two turrets in top lane as the rest of us stalled down bot. Enemy team enjoyed chasing us through the jungle, even with our team comp. Due to their comp they lacked a lot of damage once we hit mid-game. My death happened because of an early flash+pulverize+headbutt from Alistar through our jungle. Up to 1384 elo.

5/20/12 Game 54 - Win - Leona

Champion: Leona
Build: Randuin's Omen, Boots of Lucidity, Shurelya's Reverie
Score: 3/4/15 Team score: 28/21/49 to 21/28/37
Team comp: Leona, Riven, Cho'Gath, Udyr, Varus v. Malz, Taric, Nidalee, Skarner, Vayne

Despite the somewhat even score the game was, at least for me, mostly a stomp. Great AD carry that used our early killing potential to its fullest. Varus got fed early and outCS'd Vayne by 40 at one point in lane and ended 224 to 137. Riven died a lot to Nid (5 times) and Nid got considerably ahead in CS. It didn't really matter due to Nid's lacking teamfight presence. Malzahar got destroyed by Cho'Gath (how I don't know, wasn't really watching), Cho ended 10/2/5. Was just a general enemygotoutplayed scenario. Got 13 elo, up to 1397.

Things I could have done better: Honestly, not all that much, as a support I did all I needed. My positioning in one of the early fights was a little bad and I ended up getting condemned and taken down by Nid but I guess it was better me than someone like Varus.

5/20/12 Game 55 - Win - Taric

Champion: Taric
Build: Shurelya's Reverie, Boots of Lucidity, Locket of the Iron Solari, Cloth Armor, Null-Magic Mantle
Score: 0/5/12
Team score: 21/18/43 to 18/21/25
Team comp: Taric, Udyr, Morde, Olaf, Sivir v. Varus, Lee, Orianna, Jax, Lulu

Morde got fed, Sivir got fed, I warded everything, game was fairly easy. Enemy Jax kept pushing while we were standing off for fights, but wasn't that big of a deal. I got out of position once and it ended up to us going 4 for 1 because team initiated on my death. Gained 6 elo, up to 1403.

5/21/12 Game 56 - Loss - Lux

Champion: Lux
Build: Zhonya's Hourglass, Void Staff, Lich Bane, Sorcerer's Shoes, Rabadon's Deathcap
Score: 10/6/15

Bot lane fed too much : /

5/21/12 Game 57 - Win - Nidalee

Champion: Nidalee
Build: Wriggle's Lantern, Mercury's Treads, Phage, Sheen, Brawler's Gloves
Score: 1/1/5

5/21/12 Game 58 - Loss - Lee Sin

Champion: Lee Sin
Build: Wriggle's Lantern, Mercury's Treads, Heart of Gold, Long Sword
Score: 1/2/0

Was doing good in lane against a Riven until our mid and jungle came up and gave her two kills (her mid and jungle came up as well).

5/21/12 Game 59 - Win - Varus

Champion: Varus
Build: Berserker's Greaves, Infinity Edge, Bloodthirster, Phantom Dancer, Dagger
Score: 9/3/10

5/21/12 Game 60 - Loss - Vayne

Champion: Vayne
Build: Wriggle's Lantern, Infinity Edge, Berserker's Greaves, Phantom Dancer
Score: 7/3/1

Rest of team crumbled and ended up feeding the enemy Varus that I worked so hard to keep down.

Things I could have done better: CS, even with 4 kills Varus had 15 cs above me.

5/22/12 Game 61 - Win - Taric

Champion: Taric
Build: Shurelya's Reverie, Kage's Lucky Pick, Locket of the Iron Solari, Boots of Lucidity
Score: 1/5/18

5/22/12 Game 62 - Win - Corki

Champion: Corki
Build: Berserker's Greaves, Trinity Force, Phantom Dancer, Infinity Edge, Vampiric Scepter
Score: 14/4/10
Team comp: Annie, Warwick, Maokai, Nunu, Corki v. Alistar, Lee Sin, Ashe, Brand, Shen

Once I finished sheen just completely dominated lane between nunu slows and phage proc. Got to the point I could 1v2 enemies at like 20 minutes in. Up to 1419 elo.

Things I could have done better: CS, as always, wasn't the best.

5/25/12 Game 63 - Loss - Graves

Champion: Graves
Build: Berserker's Greaves, Infinity Edge, Last Whisper, Phantom Dancer, Negatron Cloak
Score: 7/7/11
Creep score: 233
Team comp: Graves, Trynd, Jarvan, Sona, Cass v. Shaco, Nidalee, Vayne, Fizz, Alistar

5/25/12 Game 64 - Loss - Olaf

Champion: Olaf
Build: Ninja Tabi, Philosopher's Stone, Heart of Gold, Phage
Score: 2/4/3
Creep score: 91
Team comp: Olaf, Cait, Blitz, Naut, Kennen v. Alistar, Lux, Corki, Ahri, Darius

I didn't do so well in lane (underestimated Darius' damage pre-6 with ignite and his passive) but the more important reason as to why we lost was our Kennen who just fed Ahri and let her roam bot whenever she wanted.

5/25/12 Game 65 - Loss - Jax

Champion: Jax
Build: Wriggle's Lantern, Mercury's Treads, Sheen, Phage, Dagger
Score: 3/0/2
Creep score: 151
Team comp: Jax, Vayne, Udyr, Alistar, Morg v. Ashe, Darius, Ryze, Janna, Sejuani

Sejuani ganks were nonexistent and I ended up just rolling darius solo while our Udyr helped mid and bot destroy their lanes.

5/25/12 Game 66 - Loss - Leona

Champion: Leona
Build: Shurelya's Reverie, Boots of Lucidity, Heart of Gold, Chain Vest
Score: 2/5/9
Creep score: 19
Team comp: Leona, Corki, Kennen, Wukong, Kayle v. Riven, Pantheon, Swain, Blitzcrank, Ashe

Lots of feeding from pretty much everyone. Kayle got destroyed by Panth, Kennen got destroyed by Swain+Panth+Riven, Corki kept getting grabbed and couldn't cs for his life. We got stomped.

5/25/12 Game 67 - Loss - Kennen

Champion: Kennen
Build: Sorcerer's Shoes, Will of the Ancients
Score: 0/6/1
Creep score: 92
Team comp: Kennen, varus, Fiddlesticks, Cassiopeia, Darius v. Corki, Soraka, Sion, Ryze, Kayle

Despite my bad score I only died twice in lane, once to a fed Sion and another time to a three man gank between Kayle, Ryze, and Sion. No lane did good and this was only compounded by the fact our support Fids didn't buy wards, our Cass sat mid all day regardless of what else was going on (I use sat quite literally, a fight was going on right infront of turret and she just sat there as I died).

5/25/12 Game 68 - Win - Anivia

Champion: Anivia
Build: Sorcerer's Shoes, Athene's Unholy Grail, Tear of the Goddess, Rabadon's Deathcap, Blasting Wand
Score: 3/3/8
Creep score: 229
Team comp: Anivia, Teemo, Ashe, Taric, Lee Sin v. Riven, Lux, Yorick, Graves, Alistar

5/25/12 Game 69 - Win - Kayle

Champion: Kayle
Build: Wriggle's Lantern, Berserker's Greaves, Fiendish Codex, Infinity Edge, Phantom Dancer
Score: 6/0/14
Creep score: 201
Team comp: Kayle, Udyr, Alistar, Ezreal, Ryze v. Riven, Darius, Katarina, Varus, Soraka

Good game, enemy Darius got extremely fed but because he was the one with all the kills the rest of his team couldn't really do anything. My ult ended up shutting him down hard in earlier fights (I played mostly like a support before I finished Infinity, especially since I mostly got assists). Once Darius was out of a fight we just stomped.

5/25/12 Game 70 - Loss - Ashe

Champion: Ashe
Build: Berserker's Greaves, Zeal, Infinity Edge
Score: 2/5/2
Creep score: 138
Team comp: Ashe, Volibear, Kenn, Yorick, Jax v. Naut, Janna, Xerath, Darius, Corki

Let me start off by saying Volibear support against Janna who has a slow and a knockup and a knockback and Corki who has Valkyrie sucks. Yorick fed Darius top, Kennen and jungle Jax fed Xerath hardcore. At one point he came down for a gank and killed me with his Q and one pulse of his ult.

5/25/12 Game 71 - Loss - Lux

Champion: Lux
Build: Sorcerer's Shoes, Athene's Unholy Grail, Rabadon's Deathcap
Score: 3/5/11
Creep score: 145
Team comp: Lux, Blitzcrank, Jax, Graves, Lee Sin v. Kayle, Alistar, Ashe, Annie, Fiora

Blitzcrank lost us this. Beyond overaggressive and could not land a single grab. Jax didn't fair so well against Fiora so Lee and I helped him out a couple times. Annie was denied and got no kills from me until she went bot, which was warded both right outside of mid lane (my ward) and at the bottom brush. Me and Lee both spam pinged she was going and bot lane just kept on pushing. She got a double kill there and continued getting kills from bot as the game went on. We had a chance of winning multiple times but Blitz ruined it by either missing easy grabs or just chasing/being overaggressive.

5/25/12 Game 72 - Loss - Ryze

Champion: Ryze
Build: Boots of Speed, Rod of Ages, Tear of the Goddess, Glacial Shroud
Score: 3/4/2
Creep score: 133
Team comp: Ryze, Jarvan, Nunu, Renekton, Ashe v. Graves, Xin, Ahri, Lee Sin, Blitzcrank

Bot lane fed and the enemy team was just better coordinated than us. Ahri ended up getting fed by just not dying in fights/feeding off of our bot lane.