As you all may know League of Legends has become a gaming giant with over 15 million registered accounts, and that popularity has had an effect on the wiki. Just this last week (July 31 to Aug 6) we have had over 2,438,200 views and over 9300 edits. As a reward for everyone's hard work on the wiki Tae and the wonderful people at Wikia are supporting a small giveaway.

This giveaway will include a small contest in which entries consisting of a paragraph or two detailing why you play League of Legends and another paragraph or two detailing your favorite champion and why that champion is your favorite will be judged by a group of our moderator+ users and 5 winners will be chosen based off of the content in their submission.

Submissions are to be made as a blog post (meaning you must have a Wikia account) and then linked here in the comments section. Winners will be able to choose one item from the official store and will be contacted via E-mail by myself (for privacy reasons) and asked to give their name, address, and telephone number for delivery purposes.

The judges will be NeonSpotlight, KazMx, Sam 3010, D3Reap3R, and Technology Wizard.

Blogs can be submitted up until August 25th, after the 25th no more submissions will be accepted and any edits to submissions made after the 25th will be disregarded. Good luck to everyone!

También aceptamos participaciones en Español. Estos serán revisados por los administradores Sam 3010 y KazMx.


Giveaway Winners

Hereby, I present the 5 winners of the First League of Legends Giveaway:

They'll receive an e-mail from Wikia asking for an address, and your chosen prize, for them to send it to you. Be sure to register an e-mail to your account.

To everyone that participated, thank you so much, each of them were so interesting and fun to read. Please participate on subsequent contests and have fun on Dominion!