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    Patch Notes

    January 22, 2012 by Nerdybeast

    I have gathered you all here today to discuss an issue of the utmost importance.

    Every week or so, RIOT Games changes the game of League of Legends in slight, sometimes major, ways. This is called a patch. Additionally, they put out an announcement stating EXACTLY what gameplay changes they make. I'm sure the overwhelming majority of you know that. Unfortunately, many people that I encounter don't bother to actually READ these notes. Just as of the last patch, V1.0.0.132, I met one Dr. Mundo in champion select. I asked him, casually, "Mundo, what's your build?", to which he replied, "Lots of warmogs :D". I was so annoyed by this that I said "DID YOU NOT EVEN PAY ATTENTION TO THE PATCH?!?!". Unsurprisingly, his response was "What patch?". Ne…

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    Sorry that I haven't been making more of these recently, I didn't realize that people liked them that much. Well, as someone suggested, it is now time for the report card of Dr. Mundo!

    AP Biology: A+

    English: F

    Physical Education: A+

    History: F

    Marching Band: A

    Remedial Algebra I: F

    Chemistry: C

    Teacher Comments: AP Biology: Mundo is one of my best students in my class. While he has an obvious speech impediment, he is a biology protege. He knows a surprising (even disturbing) amount about infections, blood, pain receptors, and things like that. He is a very knowledgeable student, and he seems to be able to apply concepts better than most other students.

    English: Mundo is a terrible speaker of English. He is by far worse than our foreign exchange st…

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    Sorry I stopped churning out these report cards, I had a busy week. Now that the end is at hand (of the week, that is), I can start again! Now presenting WARWICK, the Blood Hunter!

    AP Chemistry: A+

    Phsyical Education: A+

    Vocal Music: F

    History: C

    English: F

    AP Statistics: F

    AP Biology: B+

    Teacher Comments: AP Chemistry: Warwick is a great chemistry student. He has an incredible understanding of our subject material. He even tutored one other student, who is now one of, if not my top student. It is rather, annoying, however, how often he needs to get a drink. He seems to have an eternal thirst.

    Phyical Education: Warwick is a wonderful athlete. He seems to inspire himself and others around him to do pretty much everything better, simply by howling l…

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    League Report Cards: Garen

    November 14, 2011 by Nerdybeast

    Your favorite bush-whacking, DEMACIAAAA! screaming, huge armor wearing champion's childhood has been uncovered! Garen's report card! Behold!

    Physical Education: A+

    Vocal Music: D

    AP Physics: F

    AP Calculus: A+

    History: D

    English: F

    Woodshop: C

    Teacher Comments: Physical Education: Garen is a wonderful athlete. When we play football, he has to go without shoulder pads, since there aren't any that fit him. When he tries to run through a bunch of defenders who start to slow him down, he yells something loudly, then starts spinning in circles, shaking everyone off of him. He is good at running. He can sprint in four second bursts, and he has excellent endurance.

    Vocal Music: Garen is a terrible singer. Unfortunately, we need to have him in our choir, si…

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    Due to his complete insanity and susceptibility to fits of rage, you might be wondering what Tryndamere was like in his childhood. Wonder no longer! I have discovered a report card of his from high school.

    Biology: F

    AP Physics: C

    Marching Band: A+

    English: D

    Physical Education: A+

    Art: F

    History: F

    Teacher Comments: Biology: Tryndamere is a very disruptive student. He pays no attention during class, preferring instead to brag to surrounding classmates about his varying arm strenght or do pushups. The only time where he ever seems to pay attention and be interested is when we did dissections. He seemed disappointed that the animals came pre-killed. A very odd child.

    AP Physics: Tryndamere appears to be a fairly smart student, but is too disruptive …

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