It's me again! I found another report card, this time from the musical genius, Sona.

Vocal Music: A+

Music Theory: A+

Physical Education: C

English: B

Art: F

AP Physics: B

History: D

Teacher Comments: Vocal Music: Sona is a wonderful singer! Her singing is simply enchanting. Occasionally, when she sings while walking through the halls, the sleeping and bored people in class sit up and start listening. She uses epic crescendos that many students actually dance to! It is a pleasure to have this student in class.

Music Theory: Sona is the best songwriter I have ever seen. She grasps all the concepts very well, and writes her own songs, utilizing staccatos, crescendos, diminuendos, and uses a broad range of tempos. I hear she is even starting a band of her own with a German sounding fellow. She is by far my favorite student.

Physical Education: Sona is a most interesting student. While not fast or athletic herself, she constantly encourages the students around her. While running laps, she begins singing, and everyone starts going faster! It's simply amazing! When she starts to falter, she sings a different song, then she's back up and on her way again. However, she skips class quite frequently to stay in the locker room and write music.

English: Sona is quite an amazing student. She isn't very good at prose, but her poetry is simply amazing. This is probably helped by the fact that she always speaks in rhyme, even in everyday life. Sometimes, when I start to read her poetry, I think it's not very good, then an odd feeling washes over my, reversing my opinion.

Art: Sona has no interest in physical art. She puts no effort into her paintings and drawings, even going so far as to skip class to go write music or something. I would say it is not enjoyable to have her in class, but she hardly ever seems to be in class.

AP Physics: Sona seems to like physics, but only certain aspects of it. She does well on all my tests, but she seems to only tune in to my lectures when I'm talking about sound waves. She even goes so far as to come in after school for additional information on the subject.

History: Sona doesn't care about history. The only reason she is scraping by with a passing grade is because during our classical composers unit, she seemed to ace all of the tests. I thought this was quite interesting, considering she didn't take notes in class ONCE, and never studied for anything.

Thanks for reading Sona's report card! If you have any ideas on which champion I should do next, comment below.

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