I have gathered you all here today to discuss an issue of the utmost importance.

Every week or so, RIOT Games changes the game of League of Legends in slight, sometimes major, ways. This is called a patch. Additionally, they put out an announcement stating EXACTLY what gameplay changes they make. I'm sure the overwhelming majority of you know that. Unfortunately, many people that I encounter don't bother to actually READ these notes. Just as of the last patch, V1.0.0.132, I met one Dr. Mundo in champion select. I asked him, casually, "Mundo, what's your build?", to which he replied, "Lots of warmogs :D". I was so annoyed by this that I said "DID YOU NOT EVEN PAY ATTENTION TO THE PATCH?!?!". Unsurprisingly, his response was "What patch?". Needless to say, I dodged that game. Later, my friend played Vayne. He soon discovered that he did a lot less damage. Since he knows that I spend quite a bit of time on the Wiki, he asked me if they nerfed Vayne. After a quick facepalm, I read off the patchnotes to him.

A while ago, when the Ryze remake happened, I cannot count how many people built him Pure AP like the old Ryze. The notes are there for a reason: so you can adjust your build/gameplay strategies.

To some annoying people, the patch installing is not something they need to pay attention to, just a delay on the loading screen, so they can go take a dump before hitting "Play".

To these people, who don't read patch notes and get mad when their old champions don't function the same way, or a new champion tears their face off, I beg of you, please stop playing League. Your blatant stupidity is a plague infecting this wonderful game.

Thanks for reading my rant, everybody.