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  • NerisEko

    |date = March 11, 2013 |health = N/A |attack = N/A |spells = N/A |difficulty = N/A |hp = N/A |mana = N/A |damage= N/A |range = N/A |armor = N/A |magicresist = N/A |attackspeed = N/A |healthregen = N/A |manaregen = N/A |speed = N/A }} Danesh The spirit of the night is a custom template champion in League of Legends.

    He disappears for 2 seconds and re appears in his target location fearing the first unit he hits.

    Passive: Overpowered - will prolong the effects of slows, taunts, fears, immobilizes, silence and blinds by 1 second. }}

    He explodes in an area turning into a black mist for 4 seconds reducing all their vision by 675 range. And also prolonging ones stay in the mist will temporarily blind a unit.


    He dashes forward damaging and leaving …
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