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  • Netherzone

     To see what spells do look below abilities ==Abilities==%}}Rapax bites his target, dealing physical damage equal to a percentage of the target's Maxium Health, and is healed by the same amount. Ravaging Bite will permanently gains 0.1 health regeneration if it kills an enemy unit. This bonus is doubled against Champions, large minions and large monsters.|leveling =  of target's maximum health|cooldown=12|cost=50|costtype=Mana|range=130}}Rapax enters a stealt for 4 seconds, granting him increased movement speed. Rapax next attack will cause the target to bleed for 5 seconds dealing physical damage, and grants vision of them for the same duration as the bleed.|leveling =   |cooldown= seconds after exiting stealth|cost=60|costtype=mana }} …

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