• Neverff

    My Mana Regen Dilemma

    February 13, 2015 by Neverff

    Waddap friends. 

    So today I'd like to share a liddle story with all you fine fellows and fellowettes. The other day one of my friends was (after watching a YouTube video of it) playing some good ol AP mid. To which I responded "Yes but since the AD scaling was added on his you might as well go ad" to which he responded "SHHHHH"

    And so since my computer was downloading a patch I watched his game as he continued to by a tear and spam fo days. 

    Now here is where we got conflicted. I agreed with the tear purchase because Corki IMO is a mana BEAST, but then we proceeded to have a discussion on the proper way to mana regen. 

    So here's the deal:




    Now yes, of course, it varies by champion. obviously on Corki, you don't really need either (if you'…

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