Hello there, visitor.

A long time ago on this Wiki, I used to put together ELABORATE custom champions for fun. They had artwork, voice acting and more.

Here is an example.

Nhan-Fiction Shrine Maiden Archer Final (1)

Anyway, long story short, I ended up quitting League at one point for a while. I had a random project I never got around to finishing. It may be years later, but I still want to take care of that loose end if only to finish what I started with my friends.

Below are some drawings by k1lleet for the champion concept that never got completed.

Nhan-Fiction Iris (Main Skin)

Nhan-Fiction Iris (Special Skin)

Before I stopped the project, the code name was Iris. However, the name is moot. That can be something else. This is where you, visitor, and everyone else who wants to contribute can come in for this project!

Let's put this champion idea together. As you can see, Iris was intended to be a "combat medic." In particular, the idea was to make a support for Piltover. A lot of my early drafts of her had Iris teaming up with CaitlynSquare Caitlyn in mind. You will also notice that Iris has a medical assistant in the floating robot with her.

Throw your ideas out there.

The name of her abilities. How her kit works. Her lore. The name of her assistant. Her voice lines.

I have a lot of fun making these custom champs, even if it is more for creative practice and nothing more. I will combine everything that I like into something more structured as the contributions come in, so toss the ideas out there. Let's make this a cool concept!