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Your Fantastic Fifteen

Original Blog Post

Simply put, which champs do you consider as your "Fantastic Fifteen?" If you had to choose just three champs for each of the main roles in LoL, who would they be? Below are mine.

My Main Champs

Top Lane

Nidalee OriginalLoadingFiora RoyalGuardLoadingMalphite ShamrockLoading


Sejuani OriginalLoadingShyvana OriginalLoadingRammus NinjaLoading

Mid Lane

Mordekaiser LordLoadingAnnie ReverseLoadingOrianna OriginalLoading

AD Carry

Caitlyn SheriffLoadingMiss Fortune MafiaLoadingSivir SpectacularLoading


Soraka OriginalLoadingTaric EmeraldLoadingSona OriginalLoading

Who is in your 15?

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