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    Garen increases his base Attack Damage in combat. For every damage instance he applies to monsters and champions (1/2 for Area of Effect instances), he gains % base Attack Damage}}, up to 100%. Lasts until exiting combat.

    |description2 = Garen's auto attacks alter between physical and magic damage. }}

    Garen gains 50% bonus movement speed towards enemy champions for 3 seconds or the next basic attack.

    |description2 = Additionally, his next basic attack within 3 seconds gains bonus range and applies a decaying 2 seconds to his target. Upon executing the auto attack, Garen leaps on top of the target. |leveling2 = }}%}} |description3 = Decisive Strike resets Garen's autoattack timer. |cooldown = }}

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    Garen has no base health regeneration. Instead, he passively regenerates every half-second| every 5 seconds}}.

    |description2 = Regeneration is interrupted for 8 seconds if Garen takes non-minion damage, if he is hit by an enemy ability or if he deals damage. |description3 = Regeneration is interrupted for 4 seconds if Garen takes non-minion and non-epic monster damage or if he is hit by an enemy ability. The regeneration is doubled to every half-second| every 5 seconds}} while below . |targeting = Passive |affects = Self |spelleffects = Heal |notes = * No additional details. |yvideo = Garen - Passive }}

    Garen cleanses himself of all affecting him and gains 30% bonus movement speed for a few seconds.

    |leveling = }}



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    My Malzahar Rework

    April 3, 2016 by NicknameMy

    Since Riot is gonna Rework all the mages, I made a personal rework to fit Malzahar into the style I like most about him, the Voidling Commander. But now, he no longer deals physical damage with it, he deals magic damage and scales with AP. It will feature special new things like "Void Power", no mana costs or cooldowns scaling with champion level and not with ability level.

    |}} |cost = No Cost |cooldown = (0.5level)}} |icon = Call of the Void.png |description = Malzahar summons two orbs at the target location perpendicular to which way he is facing after a 0.5-second delay, dealing magic damage to all enemies caught between the orbs and stunning them, doubling the duration if hitting both. |leveling =


    Malzahar opens a gate to the Void for 4 …

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    This makes jungle items on laners way less attractive, by having lane items that grant you basically the same but better. The only reason for the jungle item should be then a lesser cost and use of the smite upgrades and objective control.

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    So, after seeing the rework reading through all the comment and having my own opinion, my Mordekaiser rework changed into this:

    • Attack Range increased to 200.

    per attack (does not trigger on Mace of Spades)
    •  : per target, if single target.
    •  : per target hit per second.
    •  : per target hit.

    |description2 = Maximum shield strength is . The shield decays after being out of combat for 5 seconds by 10% per second. }} }}

    Mordekaiser enhances his next attack, converting it to deal magic damage and replacing the base attack damage component with a base amount of damage. He swings his mace with such force that it echoes out, striking up to 3 additional nearby targets.

    If the target is isolated, the ability deals 65% more damage. |leveling =

    |cooldown= |co…

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