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Methods to wipe out RNG

NicknameMy December 7, 2011 User blog:NicknameMy

I recently had an idea for a new system that replaces crit at leage of legends and a rework to an old system which would replace dodge then. The 2 things which I would suggest are:

% increased damage

This works actually like the stat crit dmg, but not random. Some abilities like Poppy Poppy's Diplomatic Immunity.png Diplomatic Immunity already feature that. It should be perfect, because it is counterable, not like true dmg, but not RNG. If you get items which increase that, you no longer need crit at all. Ashe Ashe's Focus.png Focus could increase the % increased damage for the next hit. Or Tryndamere Tryndamere's fury bar could increase damage depending on fury.

This should maybe cap at 300% bonus damage, otherwise, some champs could be OP.

% Armor and magic resist increase

This would be the direct counterpart to the % increased damage. Increasing armor and magicresist means the enemy has to get more armorpen and magicpen, making the increased damage countered. But, it shouldn't be too high.

But, Magicresist and Armor should also cap now, maybe at 400.

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