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New Masteries, how to make them fully balanced

NicknameMy November 18, 2011 User blog:NicknameMy

I want to make the trees more balanced and changed some stats and positions around. If I changed the stats, I write all down.



Deadliness mastery s2.png Deadliness

0.2/0.4/0.6 AD/lvl

Brute Force mastery s2.png Brute Force

Mental Force mastery s2.png Mental Force

2/4/6 AP

Butcher mastery s2.png Butcher

Siege Commander mastery s2.png Siege Commander

Alacrity mastery s2.png Alacrity Sorcery mastery s2.png Sorcery Demolitionist mastery s2.png Demolitionist
T3 Lethality mastery s2.png Lethality

Weapon Expertise mastery s2.png Weapon Expertise

15% Armorpen

Arcane Knowledge mastery s2.png Arcane Knowledge

15% Magicpen

Havoc mastery s2.png Havoc

2%/4%/6% increased dmg


Transmutation mastery s2.png Transmutation

1.5/3/4.5 % spellvamp

Vampirism mastery s2.png Vampirism

Blast mastery s2.png Blast

Increases ability power by 0.5/1/1.5/2 per level (9/18/27/36 AP at lvl 18).

Summoner's Wrath mastery s2.png Summoner's Wrath

Sunder mastery s2.png Sunder

3/6/9 Armorpen

Archmage mastery s2.png Archmage

Increases your ability power by 1.66/3.33/5 %


Executioner mastery s2.png Executioner

8% increased dmg while target below 40% HP.


T1 Resistance mastery s2.png Resistance Hardiness mastery s2.png Hardiness

Tough Skin mastery s2.png Tough Skin

1.5/3 reduced damage from minions and monsters


Durability mastery s2.png Durability

2/4/6/8 HP/lvl

Indomitable mastery s2.png Indomitable

Vigor mastery s2.png Vigor

+2/4/6 HP/5

Perseverance mastery s2.png Perseverance

5/10/15 % increased health regen

T3 Veteran's Scars mastery s2.png Veteran's Scars

Strength of Spirit mastery s2.png Strength of Spirit

Increases your champion's Health regen/5 by the higher one of 0.2/0.4/0.6/0.8% of your maximum Mana or 1/2/3/4(+0.2/0.4/0.6/0.8/lvl)

Evasion mastery s2.png Evasion

2.5%/5%/7.5% less AOE dmg taken

Bladed Armor mastery s2.png Bladed Armor
T4 Summoner's Resolve mastery s2.png Summoner's Resolve

Honor Guard mastery s2.png Honor Guard

2%/4%/6% incoming dmg reduced

Enlightenment mastery s2.png Enlightenment

Defensive Mastery mastery s1 Survivor(new)

3%/6%/9% less dmg taken if you have less than 40% HP

Initiator mastery s2.png Initiator

Increases MS by 2%/4%/6% while over 70% HP


Juggernaut mastery s2.png Juggernaut

6% increased HP; Gives 10 tenacity that gets added to other tenacity.


T1 Good Hands mastery s2.png Good Hands Expanded Mind mastery s2.png Expanded Mind Improved Recall mastery s2.png Improved Recall

Swiftness mastery s2.png Swiftness

1%/2%/3% Increased MS

Meditation mastery s2.png Meditation

Perseverance mastery s2.png Perseverance

5/10/15 % increased mana regen


Greed mastery s2Golden Eyes(new)

You gain 1 / 2 gold for every kill(like Twisted Fate Twisted Fate's Loaded Dice.png Loaded Dice)

Greed mastery s2.png Greed

1 / 2 gold per 10 seconds

Scout mastery s2.png Scout10% increased sight range of wards Runic Affinity mastery s2.png Runic Affinity
T4 Summoner's Insight mastery s2.png Summoner's Insight

Wealth mastery s2.png Wealth

increases starting gold by 40/80

Mercenary mastery s2.png Mercenary

Gain 20/40(+5/10 per level) bonus gold on champ kill or assist(50% at dominion)

Sage mastery s2.png Sage

Gain 20/40(+10/20 per level) bonus exp on champ kill or assist(50% dominion)


Awareness mastery s2.png Awareness

Increases EXP gained by 3.3%/6.6%/10%

Intelligence mastery s2.png Intelligence

3%/6%/9% CDR

T6 Mastermind mastery s2.png Mastermind

Well, what do you think about it? I think, utility tree has great masteries to reach at T5 and defense tree has got a huge buff. It will make the trololol 30/0/0 disappear.

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