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  • Nidhogg101

    Greetings everyone,

    I already made one of these for one half of a given game, so let's examine our allies! Once again, this is an exercise in putting yourself in other people's heads and seeing things from their point of view. Just as nobody likes their enemies, it's hard sometimes to find any love for the other guys on your team. They do dumb things sometimes: they troll, or feed, or rage, or fail to ward/mia/ping/farm/gank/push/group/focus/etc. And they afk. Let's not forget that they do that too. 

    Examine this common occurence: an ally of yours gets ganked by the enemy jungler and is killed. It's easy for you to condemn him, right? The guy's a loser to have fed so early; he probably does that all the time. He should've warded the bush, or…

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  • Nidhogg101

    Good day everyone,

    Today we're going to talk about our common enemy: our opponents. Who are these people? Where do they come from? They never give up and never give in. No matter how many times you beat them, there's five more at the beginning of your next match. Their sole purpose in life is to ruin your day by making you lose. Opponents are the fundamental obstacle of the game: They attack you, they defend their Nexus, and they hoard gold. Obviously, nobody likes our opponents, because they're meanies trying to stop us from having fun. 

    We spend a lot of time on this wiki talking about how opponents might react to decisions we make. Fragile but devastating damage-oriented item builds are easily countered; your opponents will simply stun yo…

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  • Nidhogg101

    I've had a large amount of experience with this game, and for a while I've lost the magic feeling. In this post (which may have follow-ups) I will try to illustrate why. I hope some of you share my feelings...

    I'm really mad right now. League is a game. A GAME. You remember those? Those things you played when you were a child? Yeah. It is, contrary to all kinds of popular opinion, SUPPOSED to be a source of enjoyment and diversion.

    But there is a problem here.

    Do you know what the problem is?

    It's the professional scene. Pros are not paid to play a game. They are paid to WIN. So they do everything in there power to win. Do you win by playing "nice"? No. You win by playing with a ruthless, Terminator-esque efficiency, ABUSING every possible tri…

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  • Nidhogg101

    Hi everyone,

    I've played League for about a year now, and am placed in Ranked Silver Division IV. I've perused this wiki to look up statistics and other information for about as long as I've played the game, but this will be my first blog post. Today, I am discussing mindsets.

    What I mean when I say "mindset" is the answer to the following question: Why am I playing this match? 

    For example, there are a significant number of players out there who play to improve: their goal in the match is to be better at the game when the match is finished. These players tend to imitate (or idolize) professional players by using similiar champions, rune and mastery pages, summoner spells, and item builds. They see others who deviate from the accepted lane po…

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