I've had a large amount of experience with this game, and for a while I've lost the magic feeling. In this post (which may have follow-ups) I will try to illustrate why. I hope some of you share my feelings...

I'm really mad right now. League is a game. A GAME. You remember those? Those things you played when you were a child? Yeah. It is, contrary to all kinds of popular opinion, SUPPOSED to be a source of enjoyment and diversion.

But there is a problem here.

Do you know what the problem is?

It's the professional scene. Pros are not paid to play a game. They are paid to WIN. So they do everything in there power to win. Do you win by playing "nice"? No. You win by playing with a ruthless, Terminator-esque efficiency, ABUSING every possible trick, glitch, bug, synergy, pressure, and combination to win, regardless of what the game suffers in terms of diversity (and fun, remember when you liked that stuff? Try to remember). Champion viability constricts to 10-15% of the pool, item viability contracts as well, and runes and masteries might as well come in neat, pre-assembled packages.

That, in and of itself, is not necessarily a problem. But we have to add that a significant amount (all) of the player base assemble a dogma of "correct" play based on what they've seen from professional games, and a huge amount of interesting (and fun, oh poor fun, will you ever return?) gameplay techniques go extinct. Note the term "play", in "gameplay". When you were trying to eat your blocks as a child, did your parents slap you upside the face and say "STOP IT YOU DIMWIT! THERE'S ONLY ONE CORRECT WAY TO PLAY BLOCKS!"? No. They didn't. That's because there is no correct way to play. Or at least shouldn't be. 

As I might have illustrated in a previous post, the only fix is to go crazy and play for fun. There are at least ten champions that virtually never see play, give them some love. Same goes for items, and runes, and masteries. Try them too. Maybe it won't work out, but if it does, then you might just help save that endangered creature: fun.

Edit: Thanks a ton to all of you who commented; most of your ideas expressed my feelings better than I could have said them!