Well first of all it spells LOL and its so fun when you own and yet so frustrating when you give it your all on one game and its not enough because your team drags you to a loss. I belive that it is the most challenging game to play and i`ve always played games like this including dota. I`ve started playing back when irelia was first released, and the main reason i`ve kept playing it was because of the different experience it gives compared to dota(even thou i miss techies and teemo`s shrooms are just not the same). No more mage type heroes casting all spells on an enemy and watching him right click away with 20 hp while you slam your mouse on the table. No sir. Even thou this can still happen there is something you can do about it, you can flash or ghost and chase him, or get more prepared next time and get more ability power.

I mainly play whatever my team needs most of the time but my favorite to play always has been FiddlesticksSquare Fiddlesticks. Probably because how op he used to be with that lifesteal and fear. Or maybe because i just like his demented psycho laugh. But the most fun is when you wait around the corner and strike that perfect ulti that devastates their entire team..well the waiting is not that fun but the ulti is. As soon as i unlocked him and saw that only one of his spells Terrify Terrify makes someone run around helplessly for 3 (3!!) seconds i knew that this hero will win me alot of games. Also come to think of it.. i belive its the best non-ulti disable in the game. And since cc wins you game far more often than flat dmg, this seemingly fragile and incredibley deceptive scarecrow can really be the toughest opponent in the game that will hunt down those that fear him, and strike down anyone foolish enough to underestimate the harbringer of doom. He can turn losing battles into pentakills or end up with a humiliating feeder on your forehead,this little sack of twigs is the true mark of a true champion:difficult to play,high-risk high-reward, high-fail chance, he can really separate the pros from the amateurs. Because at the end of the day "Those who say 'you have nothing to fear but fear itself' have not yet felt the crows.".