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dalanar the commander

Nikypage April 27, 2015 User blog:Nikypage

Passive: inspiring presence. Nearby allied minions and champions gain x% of dalanars armour and magic resist as ad champions gain double

Ability 1: leading charge dalanar charges at a target dealing damage equal to x% of ap and x% of armour and magic resist to all targets in the way and the target also stuns all targets hit duration based on how many targets are hit

Ability 2:in death dalanar yells taunting all minions alied or enemy within 900 range for 6 seconds to attack nearby enemy champions

Ability 3: rally dalanar rallies all nearby allied minions and champions healing x% of armour and magic resist also increases movement speed for 2 seconds decaying over the time

Ultimate: inspires nearby allied minions and champions doubling the bonus from dalanars passive for x time and makes minions affected immune to all forms of damage except towers minions also gain 40% ms

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