• Ninban98

    Relious the Exocist

    Passive: Any skills that target Relious deals 8% less damage and he converts it into armor and magic resistence for 3 seconds.

    CoolDown:15 Seconds

    Q.Purify: Relious throws a canister of holey water at a target location dealing magic damage and reducing the magic resist of all enemy's in the AoE damage.

    CoolDown.9-9 Damage.70/80/100/110/130 MagicResistance Reduction.10/16/28/36/50

    W.HolyCross: On an allie:Relious throws his cross at a target allie champion granting them a sheild that consumes damage for the next 4 seconds.

    On a target enemy: He throws his cross at a target enemy champion dealing magic damage and scilencing that target.

    Sheild consumtion:30/40/50/60/70 CoolDown:13/12/10/9/8 Scilence Duriation:1/1.5/1.5/2/2.5 D…

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  • Ninban98

    Ezio The Corrupted puppeteer

    February 23, 2012 by Ninban98

    Ezio the Puppetear of Falic

    Passive: Deceptive Pawn: When Ezio health bar goes below 25% he blinks then a clone pops out, when the clone dies it deal and AoE slow and deals 120 magic damage.



    Q.The puppet of Carnage: Ezio summons a carnage puppet dealing AoE stun for 0.5 seconds then deals magic damage, then the next 3 seconds you can activate this skill again swaping places.

    CoolDown: 11,11.5,9,8,6 Stun Duriation: Doesnt scale. Magic damage:80,100,130,150,180 Mana cost: 100,130,150,160,200

    W.Shelter of Falic: Passive: Ezio gets bonus Ability power.

    Active: Ezio summons a shelter puppet in front of him switching minion and turret aggro to the puppet

    CoolDown: 15,14,13,12,11 Puppet Consume Damage…

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  • Ninban98

    Rafiq the Sociopath of Zaun

    Passive: Petrifide Strike: every 4th attack that Rafiq lands deals bonus magic damage and slowing the target enemy.

    Q. Deranged Cross-Slash: Rafiq's next auto attack deals bonus true damage and reducing the target armor by 10/15/20/25% True damage: 50/70/80/90/110 Cooldown: 5/4.5/4/3/2

    W. Creeping Whisper: Refiq turns invisible for 5 seconds and his next basic attack deals bonus magic damage and fears the enemy for 2 seconds. Bonus Magic Damage:50/60/70/90/100 Fear duriation: 2/2/3/3.5/4 CoolDown: 13/10/9/8/8 Invisible duriation: 3/4/5/6/6

    E. Blight Bane Toss: Rafiq throws his daggers at a target champion dealing magic damage and making the champion have an increase chance of missing there auto attacks. Magic Damage…

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  • Ninban98


    Passive:Pain of the dammed: When Tsuijin is atacking a minion/champion with 40% or less health he deals 10 percent more damage scales each 3 level.

    Q:Judgement of Death: Tsuijin throws his scythe in a line dealing magic and physical damage damage and slowing enemies. Magic Damage: 10/25/40/55/70 Physical Damage:20/40/60/80/100 Slow: 30%Health Cost:50/65/80

    W: Chains of the Depressed: He sends a skill shot chain snaring the first two enemy in its path and dealing magic damage. Magic damage:30/40/48/66/90 Health cost: 60/75/80/90/100

    E: Satan's Hatred: Tsuijin throws his scythe in a target location dealing true damage,after in a couple seconds delay you can activate the skill again making Tsuijin teleport to his scythe and d…

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