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Ezio The Corrupted puppeteer

Ninban98 February 23, 2012 User blog:Ninban98

Ezio the Puppetear of Falic

Passive: Deceptive Pawn: When Ezio health bar goes below 25% he blinks then a clone pops out, when the clone dies it deal and AoE slow and deals 120 magic damage.



Q.The puppet of Carnage: Ezio summons a carnage puppet dealing AoE stun for 0.5 seconds then deals magic damage, then the next 3 seconds you can activate this skill again swaping places.

CoolDown: 11,11.5,9,8,6 Stun Duriation: Doesnt scale. Magic damage:80,100,130,150,180 Mana cost: 100,130,150,160,200

W.Shelter of Falic: Passive: Ezio gets bonus Ability power.

                         Active: Ezio summons a shelter puppet in front of him switching minion and turret aggro to the puppet

CoolDown: 15,14,13,12,11 Puppet Consume Damage:100,130,150,170,200 Mana Cost:90,100,130,150,180

E: Puppet of theivery: Ezio summons a puppet at a target location, then ezio can control the puppet for 5 seconds then when the puppet explodes it deals physical damage Ezio gains mana for as mutch minions he hits.

Cooldown:9,8,7,7.5,5 PhysicalDamage:100,115,130,150,280

R: The Cursed Citezins of Falic: Ezio summons and AoE group of puppets dealing physical and magic damage then the next 1.2 seconds the puppets sink under ground snareing any ememies in the AoE effect


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