Passive:Pain of the dammed: When Tsuijin is atacking a minion/champion with 40% or less health he deals 10 percent more damage scales each 3 level.

Q:Judgement of Death: Tsuijin throws his scythe in a line dealing magic and physical damage damage and slowing enemies. Magic Damage: 10/25/40/55/70 Physical Damage:20/40/60/80/100 Slow: 30%Health Cost:50/65/80

W: Chains of the Depressed: He sends a skill shot chain snaring the first two enemy in its path and dealing magic damage. Magic damage:30/40/48/66/90 Health cost: 60/75/80/90/100

E: Satan's Hatred: Tsuijin throws his scythe in a target location dealing true damage,after in a couple seconds delay you can activate the skill again making Tsuijin teleport to his scythe and dealing physical damage and an AoE slow. True damage:95/115/130/145/160 Physical Damage:90/100/115/120/135 Health cost:100/115/125/135/150

R: The last breath: Tsuiji channels for 2 seconds after the channel he deal a single target nuke physical nuke stealing armor, magic resistance, and health and gives it to himself. Armor stole: 35/50/100 Magic resistance stole: 35/50/100 Health stole:115/150/200 Health cost: 150/200/300