• NinjaDude007


    April 27, 2011 by NinjaDude007

    I'm actually slightly surprised there's not a page on here (At least not one that I've found) that explains how the Leaver system type thing works.

    Relevant to my interests, considering I nearly had a heart attack (lame, I know) when I got d/c'd from a match near the end, and once I logged back on and was almost reconnected after the summoning screen (hit ~97%) when it said the game had been abandoned and brought me to the post match summary. Showed it as a loss for me, nothing about being marked a leaver. I'm still worried I'll end up with one if my team reported me for it, though I hope they didn't.

    If I knew much about how it works I'd start a page on it, but for now putting up something along the lines of "Maybe there should be a page fo…

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