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    FOR THOSE WHO DO NOT KNOW WHAT HAS CHANGED: (All of this is currently on the PBE)

    • ALL* Champions have had their base movement speed increased by 25 (this is why Nami seems to have an out of place insane 330 base for a support)
    • Tier 1 have had their total movement speed given reduced from 50 to 25 (No actual change once you consider in the 25 base gained)
    • Tier 2 (Ex ) have had their total movement speed given reduced from 70 to 45 (once again no change)
    • have had their total movement speed given reduced from 90 to 60 (an actual nerf of 5 MS but has gained a passive)


    The intention of this is to make it so that starting boots + 3 pots is not mandatory on all champions.


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  • NinjaWolfy11

    Because I honestly am stumped as to what CAN be done about it. The fact is mobility in the form of blinks and dashes really isn't a problem when 1-2 people on a team have it, but when you have 3 or even all 5 champions on a team all being super mobile it really starts to become an issue. It's a compounding issue.

    Give one of those champions a strong form of AoE CC (IE Malphite Ult) or a strong disruption ability (Gragas Ult) and there literally is nothing a team that is lacking mobility or abilities that disrupt positioning can do to properly manage it. Your only solution is to fight mobility with more mobility.

    Because of this some champions are simply destroyed and, despite them actually being fairly strong, makes them almost totally unvia…

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