Hi fellow LoL players,

I play LoL because it is really fun. That is my main motivation. League of Legends is fun because of the involved gameplay, wide range of champions, items, masteries, and runes as well as the satisfaction you get from killing an opposing champion. LoL is also great because it doesn't just involve button-mashing, it actually requires skill and strategy to be good at LoL.

My favourite champion is definitely Rammus the Armodillo. His taunt and ulti are invaluable in team fights and at stopping champions from running away. He is one of the best tanks and by level 18 with a full item build, towers are just to easy to take down. Although you may not get so many kills with Rammus as with other champions, it doesn't matter because a tank's purpose is to take the damage so that your carry champions are protected and to get the assists. His passive also makes it easy to do large amounts of damage while still retaining his tanking ability when you stack armour and health. Overall Rammus is a great team champion and one of the best in the League.

Thanks League of Legends Wiki and all contributors for helping me in my LoL playing by providing me with invaluable tips and strategy,

Noob233 00:08, August 8, 2011 (UTC)