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  • NoobeyNoodles

    Welcome, summoners, to the League of Legends Champion Concept Blog! Today, by NoobeyNoodles, we have Gregan,the Drone of Doom. (also, I use other champions' ability icons, hope you don't mind that!)

    Well, Gregan is a solo top bruiser, but there are a few exceptions that make him different than any other champion. First of all, he uses a power source called 'Hive Mind'. Second of all, he is ranged. Ever seen any other solo top other than that annoying little devil Teemo? No? Well...

    • I - Protector of the Hive: If Gregan uses a damaging ability on a champion, he will deal bonus physical damage if the target has more magic resistance and bonus magic damage if the target has more armor.
    • Q - Sonic Blast: Gregan shoots a ball of energy, dealing magic…

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