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    Welcome,Summoners! to the League of Legends Champion Concept Blog.Today,by NoobeyNoodles,we have Gregan,the Drone of Doom.(Also,I use other champions' ability icons, hope you don't mind that!)

    Well, Gregan is a solo top bruiser.But, there are a few exceptions that make him different than any other champion.First of all, he uses a power source called 'Hive Mind'.Second of all, he is ranged.Ever seen any other solo top other than that annoying little devil Teemo?No? Well.

    Gregan's passive is 'Protector of the Hive'.If he uses a damaging ability on a champion, he will deal bonus physical damage if the target has more magic resistance and bonus magical damage if the target has more armor.

    Gregan's first spell is 'Sonic Blast'. He shoots a ball of en…

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