• Norberg1

    Tryndamere Blood Build

    April 21, 2012 by Norberg1

    Tryndamere can be great fun to play, but I didn't want to just drool and follow the strats that were listed online already. I managed to come up with what I think is a unique approach to playing Tryndamere whicih can be a lot of fun. I call it the Tryn "Blood" build. What is boils down to is dropping lifesteal items in favor of higher attack and HPs. Because of Tryndamere's abilities it's very possible to pull this off, and in my opinion you end up with a more balanced version of Tryn.

    The reason this is such a great build is partially because it's not expected, but also because it focuses on Tryn's natural tendency to be somewhat of a tank despite his high attack and lack of defense. Most people expect a glass cannon Tryn and a lot of grou…

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