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    ==Mod'Nar, the master of the Voidlings ==

    health:                  480(+85)

    health regen:       8(+0.8)

    mana:                  250(+40)

    mana regen:        6.2(+o.4)

    range:                  125

    attack damage:    50(+4)

    attack speed:       0.620(+1.4%)

    armor:                  20(+3.5)

    magic res.:          30(+1)

    mov. speed:        310

    ===abilities ===

    passive: voidfeeder

    when a minion or monster dies within 700 range, Mod'Nars victim gets sucked into the void, granting Mod'nar 1 stack of voidsouls. if an enemy champion dies within 700 range of Mod'Nar he gains 5 stacks of voidsouls.

    Q:  spawn voidlings

    range: 700    cooldown: 10/9/8/7/6        mana cost: 30/40/50/60/70

    ground targeted: Mod'Nar spawns a voidling at target location. voidlings have 10% of Mod'Na…

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