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  • Nuclrdmntr

    So, uhh, I made a new champion concept. He's armed with some pretty badass prototype Piltover tech which he customized himself: two giant hextech arm cannons linked to a suit of powered armor with a hextech power core which he can use to supercharge his cannons while sacrificing his suit's defensive matrix. Feedback will be very much appreciated!

    Nitaus, the Vigilante Knight is a champion in League of Legends.

    is permanently sacrificed to gain a shield that protects Nitaus for % of maximum health}}.

    |description2 = After no damage has been taken for seconds}}, 1.25% of the shield is regenerated every 0.25 seconds. Being near a tower doubles Shield Recharge's recharge rate and being in spawn quadruples it. |description3= While Defence Matrix is d…

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  • Nuclrdmntr

    First champion concept in a while. In fact, my first post after a long long hiatus on head-fi.org! Yay! Suggestions are, of course, welcome.

    -unit radius around it. Champions cannot become Consternated again within seconds regardless of whether the debuff is consumed or not. }}

    Aramith fires two energy bolts that arc out at opposing 45 degree angles. The bolts arc towards the targeted area over 0.25 seconds. After they are travelling straight towards the targeted area, the energy bolts start accelerating until they have traveled a total of 1000 units or hit a champion. Each energy bolt deals magic damage to all enemies it passes through.
    Each energy bolt briefly interrupts and deals 150% damage to the first Consternated champion hit and e…

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  • Nuclrdmntr

    This is a year-old champion concept that I found and decided to post. I've noticed it shares some similarities to Lucian due to both of them being based on having two handguns and also has some elements of transformation (Jinx) but I think that at the same time it's a completely different champion. Take note that I still can't think of 2 E abilities for him that fits the rest of his kit as well as not being that OP.

    EDIT: Moved passive to ultimate and changed it, made a new passive for him. Gave Q CC an AD ratio. Moved Tactical Repositioning to E. Multiple fixes to template names and inconsistencies. Abilties now cost mana.

    EDIT 2: Further tweaks. New gunslinger form W ability. Slight refining of Q ability and removed AD ratios from CC. R sl…

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  • Nuclrdmntr

    Jebus, the Almighty

    September 5, 2013 by Nuclrdmntr

    Bored again gg

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  • Nuclrdmntr

    Passive: Starts with 2 shades, gaining one at lvl 6, 11 and 16. Shades mirror this champion's abilities, each one having a 75% reduced effect. Multiple shades on a single champion stack this up, up to a 125% increased ability effect at lvl 16 on a single champion.

    R: Moves a shade to target champion and grants vision in a small radius around it for 30 seconds if an enemy. Available at lvl 1. This removes 5% of this champion's maximum health each time it's cast on another champion and this amount is returned once a shade is returned to this champion. This does not count as healing.

    Q: First cast emits a pulsar of energy that spins around this champion and all champions with a shade attached to it for 5 seconds. Enemies that touch it take some…

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