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Miss Fortune, Vayne, or Caitlyn?

Nuclrdmntr February 20, 2013 User blog:Nuclrdmntr

I'm trying to chose an adc to play and I can't decide between the three in the title! My playstyle is generally either passive-aggressive farmer or hyper-aggressive uber-annoying poker. My favourite solo tops are elise and teemo, my favourite mids are viktor and zed, my favourite support champion is lulu and my favourite junglers are amumu and zed (again). I'm asking this because I need to play at least one ADC role and I would greatly appreciate the help of this community :)


I mean passive-aggressive as in playing very passively and simply farming until a favourable opportunity rises to make a play.

Edit 2:

I really really hate ezreal!

Edit 3:

I went with vayne!

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