This is just my thoughts on a new unique champion concept. Apologies if some of it doesn't make sense it's just how my mind works whenever I'm creating a new champion. Any suggestions for improvement will be very much appreciated though :)


Mobility forme: Four armored angular plates surrounding a blue core of energy connected with bands of electricity with all plates pointing backwards, two with 20 degrees between them two with 60 degrees. Two outer plates are used to autoattack (melee range) and crackle with electricity.

Assault forme: Four armored angular plates surrounding a red core of energy and connected with bands of electricity, all pointing forward. All forward plates are facing forward and are perpendicular with each other with arcing bands of electricity between them firing electric projectiles at range.

Tank forme: Four armored angular plates used as legs and surrounding a green core of energy, connected with arcing bands of electricity. When autoattacking one plate is raised, charged with electricity and brought down on its target.



Q: Mobility Forme

Active - next autoattack gains range and causes it to dash to target and deals extra damage

Passive - autoattacks leech movement and attack speed from target enemy. He also has 175 range.

W: Assault Forme

Active - all four plates surround the core and each shoots a penetrating shot that deals full damage to everything it hits. Can crit? Maybe a little too OP. 

Passive - each plate autoattacks at the rate of his attack speed but each mini-autoattack only deals 30% AD. He also has 550 range.

E: Tank Forme

Active - all 4 plates slam the ground, stunning all enemies around him and dealing damage

Passive - he gets armor and magic resist and 125 range also he loses unit collision and deals damage to all enemies he walks over.

R: ???

Can't think of anything lol