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Random champion concept I had to put in a blog post

Passive: Starts with 2 shades, gaining one at lvl 6, 11 and 16. Shades mirror this champion's abilities, each one having a 75% reduced effect. Multiple shades on a single champion stack this up, up to a 125% increased ability effect at lvl 16 on a single champion.

R: Moves a shade to target champion and grants vision in a small radius around it for 30 seconds if an enemy. Available at lvl 1. This removes 5% of this champion's maximum health each time it's cast on another champion and this amount is returned once a shade is returned to this champion. This does not count as healing.

Q: First cast emits a pulsar of energy that spins around this champion and all champions with a shade attached to it for 5 seconds. Enemies that touch it take some damage. Second cast accelerates pulsars in target direction, exploding in a small radius when it touches an enemy and dealing damage. Additional pulsars that hit the same target do 75% reduced damage.

W: Shields self and all allies any shades are attached to for a flat amount, increased by the number of shades on one target and increasing MS. Enemies are damaged instead for the shield amount. All shields are strengthened over 3 seconds by draining the health of all nearby enemies and slowing them. Any enemies shades are attached to are simply dealt the damage over 3 seconds and slowed.

E: Dunno :3

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