I used to be a DotA player...always, ever since I started playing computer, I played DotA. I was improving all the time and that's why I loved it. But then came these "issues". They were something you would call balance issues, but I like to refer to them as "retardation". Basically IceFrog decided that 50 minutes is way too much for average game so he tried to bring the late game sooner by overbuffing auto-attack champs, which I really didn't like because I always prefered casters and, to be honest, the game itself became competition about whose teammates leave last. Then I somehow stumbled over LoL and HoN (LoL was in open beta and HoN was in closed beta). I tried LoL first, I liked it, but it was somewhat different. Then I tried HoN and I was like "meh, I am not giving 20 dollars for that..." , so I went back to DotA. Some months later the "issues" became even worse and I persuaded my mate to try out LoL and we eventually got addicted. Why you ask? Because of the much higher skill cap. Because of the fact that you can build almost anything anyhow and you might just win with it because you are lucky (Right, AP Yi?). Also the inbound jokes and dances and laughs.

I don't really have a favorite champ, but I prefer skillshot based champs. So I could just as well consider Ezreal, Lux and Urgot as my favorites. Ezreal is my "Hey enemy jungler, sup, here you got welcome gift in your face" champ. And flush champ. I really do love flushing the "lucky enemy" with 10 HP porting from under his tower. As that Lux would be my favorite more or less supportive caster. And Urgot? Urgot is my "I take mid, KTHNXBAI. Hey! I said mid first! Go away I'll report you! GO AWAY! Ok, imma feed now..." because everyone is supposed to be mid with Urgot, right?