Shreya, the Notorious Delinquent Roles:Assassin Secondary Bar:Mana

Passive-Runaway Fugitive Shreya gains increased movement speed when enmy champions are walking towards her. 20%+1% per level

Q-Sneak Attack For 4 seconds, Shreya becomes stealthed. Her next autoattack deals bonus AoE physical damage and loses her stealth.

W-Advanced Technology Shreya begins rotating a selection of 4 gadgets. She can activate again to choose a gadget, which each have differen effects. Cooldown varies on which gadget she uses. They are:

--Spy Camera Shreya launches forward a device that flies in the air in a line. The camera gives true sight to the area around it.

--Ticking Bomb Shreya throws a bomb at target location. After it is launched, the enemy cannot see it. The bomb will explode after 3 seconds, dealing magic damage.

--Tracker Shreya attaches a tracker on a nearby champion, which stays on them for 20 seconds. She will have sight of him/her during that time. She can activate it again to slow the target, but doesnt deal damage.

--Static Bot Shreya unleashes a metal critter that walks forward. Activating again will make it explode with tendrils of electricity, dealing magic damage to enemies and reducing their armor.

E-Escape Shreya kicks a nearby target, knocking them back slightly and stealing a portion of their health. If the unit collides with terrain, they are stunned for 1 second.

R-Dangerous Robbery Half Global: Shreya channels for 5 seconds, then teleports to an enemy champion. The arrival area is covered in security lasers, which stealths her even while she is attacking until she exits the area.