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  • NydusTemplar

    So, I've been thinking about gold earned on champion kill, and what effects it would have if it were done differently.

    What if, instead of granting kill rewards based on number of deaths since last kill on an enemy champion, it was number of kills since last death with a particular champion.

    As example:  Ashe kills Nidalee twice, then Ashe kills Alistar once.  Instead of Ashe getting (provided neither died previously) 860 gold in total, she instead gets 740 gold.  If Ashe then goes on to kill Nidalee and Alistar again, she only gets an additional 210 gold instead of 440 gold.

    Let's also say that bonus bounty, awarded from killing players who've made more than one kill in total since last deaths, was awarded across the entire team instead of ju…

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  • NydusTemplar

    So, what do you think the results would be if all of Garen's abilities that have a ratio, were given an AP ratio as well?  Let's say, for the sake of argument, Decisive Strike gets a 1:1 AP ratio and Judgment gets a .5:1 AP (total 3:1 AP) ratio.  Maybe put a 1:1 AP ratio on Demacian Justice even though it doesn't have one naturally.

    Just for one day, maybe on the PBE, I wouldn't mind seeing the mayhem caused by such unusual builds.

    Imagine him pure AP with DFG, Rabadon's, Rylai's, Abyssal, Ionian, Zhonya's.

    587.5 Ability Power, 50 Armor, 45 Magic Resist, 500 health, 30% cooldown reduction from items alone.

    Assuming no AP runes or masteries, his Q would hit for 130+161.7+587.5 =  879.2 physical.

    His E would hit for 120+127.05+293.75 = 540.8 phys…

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