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  • ObsidianLazarus

    "Dota-League is nothing alike"! Regardless, just for fun, I wanted to throw out some iterations of ultimates that would be neat if Scepter came to League. Some items/champions would be an interesting crossover, and relativity is nice to observe. None of these are balanced in any sense, and most of them are incredibly OP. Like Dota, every champion isn't going to get an upgraded buff, not because I didn't want to write out 110+ entries.

    This list started out really small, so I decided to try and do one from each alphabet, at least. I started to get burnt out, and the rest of the entries I would have done would have been really half-baked, like a few forced ones I did in here. I also have no idea how to do that link thing where it shows the cha…

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  • ObsidianLazarus

    With Season 3 coming to an end, I attempted to finish what I should have done a long time ago, and get Gold. I really should have done it when I had the chance, heck, the extra 2 weeks was a godsend. But alas, I tried for Gold in the brief time I had, and now I'm burnt.

    Generally when I played Ranked, I'll do decent, or I won't. And when I don't do decent, and lose consecutively, I get frustrated and annoyed. This generally means I'll continue doing bad, because I'm annoyed and can't focus, so after asking for a bit of tips around here, decided that I'll just stop when I started to get annoyed. Unfortunately, to get Gold with the limited amount of time I had left, I didn't have this luxury. Enemy team surrendered? Queue again. We threw at t…

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  • ObsidianLazarus

    Just lost my 3rd series in a row. I dID horrible, going 1/13 as Kassadin. When the rewards for Season 4 came out, I got pumped to finish Silver and get to Gold, I even had high hopes to getting Platinum. ( I mean 3 months, shouldn't take that long, right?) But getting past Silver III is being frustrating, and I don't believe IN Elo Hell, and I'm not the type of guy to blame my team mates all the time, but that isn't to say that the games lost were my fault and I don't complain when something goes wrong. I'm not a saint but I'm nowhere near a toxic player.

    This most recent series, I lost the first match, so I was a bit upset, probably my fault. Second match comes around, I usually go top so I decide to go mid as Kassadin. Ahri's not much of …

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  • ObsidianLazarus

    Everyone has a counter, mostly. For example, Kassadin is one of the best counters to almost all mids. Very few AP caster mids can deal with him after level 6. Talon is a great counter to Kassadin as he won't proc his passive, and is basically an AD Kass.

    Who has the most counters?

    Who has the least counters?

    Who counters the most people?

    I believe Udry has the most counters. While other melee champs suffer this problem, I see him as the most easily kited during combat. Any champion with any kind of ranged attack can kite him, hell, even Shen's short range poke can kite.

    I think that Vlad has the least amount of counters. He has almost unlimited lane sustain, gets hp from ap and vice versa, and has a move that makes him untargetable. Champions w…

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  • ObsidianLazarus

    Nothing like sitting in a lobby with people who you know are going to cause you to have a terrible match, only for that special someone on the enemy team to dodge for you, saving you in your time of need. So often have I been saved the heartache of bad attitude, terrible team comps and all around idiots.

    Sometimes you think waiting that extra 4-5 minutes, 30+ if you're in ranked, isn't worth it, so you just stay in the lobby and hope the match will turn up good. When someone else dodges for you, not even one of your party, it's so magical.

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